View Full Version : A grave digger prays for war hero

04-25-2009, 12:22 PM
At 7:50 a.m. Tuesday, Dennis Nussear rolled his white Bobcat digger to Section V of Rock Island National Cemetery. It was a chill 42 degrees, a sharp wind sweeping from the Mississippi River and Sylvan Slough. There was promise that the sun might break through the dismally gray clouds, but it didnít happen.

Nussear was about to dig the grave for Cpl. Jason Pautsch.

It took 38 minutes to dig the grave of a soldier who had lived 20 years of life on this earth.

THE GRAVE site was marked by two screwdrivers, one at each end. It would be a precise job, as it has been for the 3,000 or so graves that Nussear has dug for service men and women and their spouses.

ďIt always gets through to me,Ē said Nussear, a grounds employee at this vast plateau of the dead where 26,000 are buried. For every stark white marker, row upon row in the bright green grass, there is a service person.

He tugged tightly on his billed cap and was about to begin digging the grave for Pautsch, killed a dozen days ago by a suicide bomber in Mosul

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