View Full Version : "After Obama Our world will never be the same again....... "

04-26-2009, 03:19 PM
Obama Wants To Make America More Like Europe

Barack Obama is unhappy with much that preceded his occupation of the White House, and not only his predecessorís foreign policy, for which he is a serial apologiser.

Pre-Obama domestic policy also displeases him: any prosperity the nation enjoyed, he says, was built on a foundation of sand.

That, wonít happen again: the trillions of debt he is loading on the nationís books will enable us to erect our post-recession house on solid rock. Our world will never be the same again....... "What an A..hole This bird is
!! "

Of course, it never has been: the march of technology has enabled us to travel faster, age more slowly, entertain ourselves differently, and build air-conditioned homes in the miserably hot south and southwest, and in our nationís steamy capital. But the president has something more in mind and, with control of both houses of Congress, the power to change the way we live now. Letís make a few guesses as to where those changes will take us.

Top of the presidentís change list is the way we consume energy. He believes our use of carbon-based fuels is causing the globe to heat up, with all the dire consequences conjured up by Al Gore as he sits in the library of his home, probably the largest single consumer of energy of any private residence in America. By one means or another, the president will make the use of oil, natural gas and especially coal so expensive that consumers will be forced to use less energy, and rely more for the energy we do use on costly wind and solar power, paid for with tax-funded subsidies or higher utility bills.