View Full Version : Some Mexican ill say doctors turned them away

04-28-2009, 12:47 PM
Some Mexican ill say doctors turned them away
Country faces criticism for seemingly slow, confused response to outbreak
updated 7:39 p.m. MT, Mon., April 27, 2009

MEXICO CITY - Two weeks after the first known swine flu death, Mexico still hasn't given medicine to the families of the dead. It hasn't determined where the outbreak began or how it spread. And while the government urges anyone who feels sick to go to hospitals, feverish people complain ambulance workers are scared to pick them up.

A portrait is emerging of a slow and confused response by Mexico to the gathering swine flu epidemic. And that could mean the world is flying blind into a global health storm.

Despite an annual budget of more than $5 billion, Mexico's health secretary said Monday that his agency hasn't had the resources to visit the families of the dead. That means doctors haven't begun treatment for the population most exposed to swine flu, and most apt to spread it.

It also means medical sleuths don't know how the victims were infected key to understanding how the epidemic began and how it can be contained.

Foreign health officials were hesitant Monday to speak critically about Mexico's response, saying they want to wait until more details emerge before passing judgment. But already, Mexicans were questioning the government's image of a country that has the crisis under control.

"Nobody believes the government anymore," said Edgar Rocha, a 28-year-old office messenger. He said the lack of information is sowing distrust: "You haven't seen a single interview with the sick!"

Mexico has universal health care of course. Now, either Mexicans themselves are too stupid and corrupt to implement universal health or universal health care doesn't work when a lot of people are really sick.

Which could it be? Considering the country's precarious position at the moment, this might be the beginning of the end for Mexico's current political system.

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