View Full Version : British Military Operations in Iraq End Today

04-30-2009, 07:52 AM
UK Iraq combat operations to end

British combat operations in Iraq will come to an end on Thursday lunchtime with a handover to American forces.
The move, a month ahead of schedule, ends a six-year UK military presence.
A memorial service has taken place in Basra for the 179 British personnel who have died during the conflict, attended by Defence Secretary John Hutton.
The focus was a memorial wall featuring the names of the 234 UK and foreign troops who lost their lives while serving under British command in Iraq.
The official end of operations will come when the UK's 20 Armoured Brigade hands over to an American brigade at 1215 BST.
British forces began their official pull-out last month when the UK's commander in the south of the country, Maj Gen Andy Salmon, handed over to a US general.

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