View Full Version : Oh Nooos,MSNBC's Washington HQ Can't Make Rent .

04-30-2009, 09:02 AM
MSNBC's Washington HQ Can't Make Rent . Looking to Share Space with Local U...
NBC Exploring Possible Changes at Its Longtime Headquarters in Washington D.C.

"Oberman and Mathews out on their asses ,There goes Keithys big $3.5 mill raise !"":eek:


NBC is currently exploring the possibility of leasing out part of its longtime headquarters in Washington D.C. to an outside organization, according to sources familiar with the situation.

One possible partner? American University.

The longtime home of NBC News, MSNBC, and WRC-TV Channel 4—NBC’s owned and operated station in D.C.—is located on Nebraska Avenue, a short walk from the university’s bucolic campus in Northwest Washington.

What American University would do with space in the building remains unclear. But the university’s School of Communication, which offers graduate and undergraduate degrees to hundreds of students, is currently undergoing a $20 million renovation that will eventually modernize and expand its journalism facilities. In the meantime, the school remains under construction.