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05-16-2009, 03:21 PM
Keyes, priest arrested at Notre Dame protest.

Dr. Alan Keyes Arrested at Notre Dame during prayer demontration on campus

Notre Dame’s Kabuki Dance with Obama and the Culture of Death:
The Keynesian Kenyan from Kansas Meets the Kantians

Notre Dame’s Kabuki dance with Obama and the culture of death moves into full swing this weekend. Everyone should watch the steps of this tango very carefully as the Keynesian Kenyan from Kansas boogies down with the Kantians for some Transcendental Twister on the South Bend campus. Although some students and professors will boycott the commencement lovefest and attend a prayer vigil at the Lourdes Grotto on campus instead, the damage to Notre Dame will still be done and observers of Catholic higher education will be debating this bizarre event for some time to come.

Dreams from My Modernist

Among the howling absurdities of this latest episode were talking points presented to board members to give the best spin on the decision to honor Obama at commencement. In a stroke of sophistry and hair splitting which must have come from theological training at Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch Seminary, Fr. Jenkins announced that the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ ban on honoring pro-abortion politicians at Catholic universities did not apply to Obama because, get this, Obama is not a Catholic. This casuistry, we were assured, was certified by modernist canon lawyers consulted by Notre Dame. Keeping a straight face while delivering this whopper must have taken some ascetic discipline. And it seems likely Fr. Jenkins must have had practice since it is a safe guess this seminary training involved extra helpings of Rudy Bultmann, Hans Küng, Enneagrams, Kumbaya folk guitars, and Jonathan Livingston Seagull theology.

While it is clear that Obama’s orientation is far removed from the Catholic faith and traditional Christian moral standards, Jenkins’ enthusiastic and groupie-like attraction to Obama raises deeper questions about what is really going on and who exactly is in charge of running Notre Dame. They need to be pursued and answered so that Catholic standards can be restored and honored as soon as possible.


05-16-2009, 04:25 PM
80 yr old, faithful, Catholic Priest, arrested at ND supporting Church's position on abortion

Pass The Salt - Priest Arrested at Notre Dame (Full Version)

A faithful, 80 year-old Catholic Priest is arrested at Notre Dame for seeking to support the Catholic position on abortion. VIDEO OF 80 YEAR OLD PRIEST BEING ARRESTEDGod bless this priest. Watch this...and read this...and weep for our nation. And then take hope. This is exactly what huge numbers of Americans need to do on many, many issues if we are to turn around the conditions in this nation. The left has practiced it for decades and shamed, cowed, and manipulated traditional Americans into letting our birthrights be walked on. It is time we stood up and turned it around...