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07-03-2008, 01:07 PM
Boffins have slammed examiners in England for setting school children seriously dumb questions. The Royal Chemistry Society said that the science exams for 14 year olds includes questions such as, "What powers a solar-powered snail?" The Society's chief executive Dr Richard Pike told us that while the syllabus and text books covered a broad range of scientific subjects, the exams only touched on a small subset of these. snip
The most taxing maths in the examination required students to find the mid point between 4 and 8 - by reading off a figure in an adjacent column.

The snail question was set for tiers 3-6 in Key Stage 3.

Other examples include these multiple choice questions:

Why is copper used for wires in a circuit?

Copper does not stick to a magnet
Copper is a brown metal
Copper is a good conductor of electricity
Copper if a good conductor of heat
In very cold weather a mixture of salt and sand is spread on roads. Why?

Salt makes the roads white
Salt makes water freeze
Salt makes ice melt
Sand dissolves in water
Sand increases friction between car tyres and the road
Sand makes water freeze
And this one, inspired by Father Ted, perhaps:

Some stars are bigger than the Sun but they look smaller. Why do they look smaller than the Sun?

They are brighter than the Sun
They are further away than the Sun
They are the same colour as the Sun
They are nearer than the Sun
That foxes me every time.

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