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05-23-2009, 12:06 PM

Hospitals and their emergency vehicles, which are major polluters, must join the fight against climate change, the World Health Organization said.

...so what will you do when you have an emergency. Walk?

Hospitals and their emergency vehicles, which are major polluters, must join the fight against climate change, the World Health Organization said.

..an imaginary enemy...

"The health sector can contribute a lot to reduce the carbon footprint because the health sector in many countries is the second most important user and energy consumption is very high," Maria Neira, director of the WHO's department of public health and environment, told a news briefing.

..i see.

Just whose life support machines would you suggest turning off first?

The amount of energy produced by hospitals and healthcare centers is contributing to a growing number of asthma cases and more respiratory illness as well as a higher number of emergency hospital visits, a WHO report published on Friday showed.

..and we are yet to see just how they come to this conclusion.

"There is also evidence that the health sector's energy use and resulting toxic emissions undermine the health of the very communities the sector is meant to serve," it said.

..which is...?

The health sector's use of electricity in the United States adds over $600 million per year in direct health costs and more than $5 billion in indirect costs, according to the report, which called on the health sector to make hospitals more green.

I know a great way to save a HUGE load of electricity and natural resources, and cut down MASSIVELY on CO2 emissions. It involves a few tons of explosives, some detcord, a digital timer and a siren to warn people.

The UN building in NY would be a good place to start.

The United Nations is urging countries to clamp down on emissions which are expected to cause more droughts, floods, crop failures, spread disease and raise sea levels.

..and after they made this pronouncement, they jetted off to their holiday resorts, or got into their gas-guzzling, fume spewing limousines.

Hospitals should use alternative forms of energy such as solar panels and wind turbines, install energy-efficient lightbulbs as well as buy organic food from local suppliers and make ambulances more environmentally friendly, the WHO said.


"The health sector, with its fleets of hospital vehicles, delivery vehicles, and staff and patient travel, is a transportation-intensive industry," the WHO said, calling for the use of more efficient and alternative-fuel vehicles.

We'll keep that in mind when Ban Ki Moon wants an ambulance for his case of heartburn, after too many pate de fois gras. Canapes dont eat themselves, you know.

Experts have warned that changes in the world's climate are likely to have a negative impact on the health of many as air becomes more polluted and temperature increases may encourage the spread of infectious diseases, such as malaria and cholera.

Uh..malaria is spread by bad water storage, as the anopheles mosquito doesnt like fresh, running water. Same for cholera.

"Evidence has shown that global warming will essentially exacerbate those existing health problems," Neira said.

So tell me, Neira, how many flights have you had this year? Sold your car? Gone 100% solar? If your houser catches fire will you also not use the "transport intensive" Fire Brigade?

Stupid, hypocritical bitch.