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07-03-2008, 04:09 PM
" U.S. funds for Mexico drug war frustrate Texas sheriffs."

Where's John J" Black Jack" Pershing when you need him ?
Commanding General, Mexican Punitive Expedition ."

They're demanding more federal help as they fight cartels along the border

WASHINGTON Besieged Texas sheriffs vowed Wednesday to press the White House and Congress to deliver emergency assistance to law enforcement officers battling drug cartels along the Mexican border to match the $400 million on its way to Mexico.

The sheriffs said they were frustrated that President Bush and Congress agreed to provide assistance to Mexico, as part of the Merida Initiative, without offering additional federal help to their departments.

The officers said they would seek direct federal assistance, as well as changes in Department of Homeland Security restrictions to permit local law enforcement departments to use homeland security funds to hire additional officers.

Regulations currently require local police and sheriff's departments to devote homeland security money to equipment, technology and paying officers overtime.

Implementation of the Merida Initiative is ''really disappointing and disheartening because Washington seems totally oblivious to what we're facing on the Mexican border," said Webb County Sheriff Rick Flores, chairman of the 19-county Texas Border Sheriff's Coalition.

''If they allocate resources and money to Mexico, they should also consider protecting our side of the border first."

Flores, who said he has faced death threats three times in the past three years, has received $1.8 million in federal assistance over the past 36 months. He said he needed $14.5 million in additional federal help over the next five years to hire 25 new deputies to join his hard-pressed department of 37 deputies.

Mexico will receive ''all the equipment," Flores said. ''They're going to be two notches above what we have. We would really like to have one of those helicopters in our neck of the woods."

The Merida Initiative calls for the United States to provide eight 13-passenger transport helicopters to Mexican security forces.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Guadalupe Trevino Jr. decried the assistance going only to Mexico.

''You would think there would be a bilateral approach to attack the problem from both angles when we're giving money to a foreign country to fight a drug problem that greatly contributes to our problems," Trevino said.

Where's Black Jack Pershing when you need him ?
1916: Commanding General, Mexican Punitive Expedition ."
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That $400 Million would fund a lot of fence. Let Mexico handle their own drug problems,not American taxpayers!
A 25% tax on the money stolen from here and sent south of the border would cover a lot of border security without costing us taxpayers.

After Pearl Harbor was hit, all the sunken battleships except the Arizona were repaired, refloated, restored to serviceable duty and put into the fleet for action IN SIX MONTHS. And our congress can't get a damn fence built now in several years. Try old fashioned military machine guns all along the border and that will stop the flow of foreign national invaders!!!