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05-25-2009, 10:41 PM
Radical Muslims serving as chaplains in American prisons [should we train palestinian army?]

Steven Emerson warns: radical Muslims serving as chaplains in American prisons

[Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA: It should be noted that back in the Middle East,
the very troops U.S. General Dayton is training and arming could very well
end up in joint teams with Hamas gunmen if Egyptian-PA plans are

General Dayton swears that these Palestinian recruits talk-the-talk and he
adamantly refuses to think through what might happen to this "moderate"
American trained fighting force when they are mixed with highly motivated
radical Hamas gunmen who talk-a-very-different-talk.

General Dayton may swear that by some miracle his "moderate" Fatah gunmen
will win over the hearts and minds of the Hamas gunmen. But anyone how has
eyes in his head and takes their blinders off for a minute knows that the
odds heavily favor that the opposite will take place, with Dayton's
"moderates" crossing over to support the Hamas terror program.

Can't happen? Already did.

The best Palestinian marksmen who murdered Israelis with deadly accuracy
learned their sniper skills from American trainers in earlier rounds of
American training of PA "moderate" forces.]

How to Stop the Muslim Extremists Recruiting Inmates to Terrorism