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07-03-2008, 05:35 PM
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mloutre (602 posts) Wed Jul-02-08 07:56 PM
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Well Known Liberal Blogger Brian Beutler Shot In Washington, D.C.
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Brian Beutler, a well-known progressive blogger, was shot and seriously injured during a mugging last night in Washington, D.C. One bullet damaged Beutler's spleen, and he had it removed during surgery this morning at the Washington Hospital Center. He's expected to make a "pre-trauma" recovery, which is to say, a completely full recovery.

The shooting was confirmed to us by Tracy Van Slyke, the project director of the Media Consortium, a network of leading progressive news organizations (TPM is a member) for which Beutler is the Washington correspondent.

Some of the details of the incident are still sketchy. According to Van Slyke, Beutler was walking with a friend after leaving a bar in Washington's Adams Morgan section when the two were confronted by a man demanding their cell phones near 17th Street and Euclid Street. It's unclear as yet what happened, but the man fired several shots at Beutler. One bullet hit him in the spleen and he was hit twice in the shoulder. A D.C. police official said he wasn't aware of any arrests made in connection with the shooting.


"He is currently in stable condition, awake and in pain," Van Slyke wrote in an email to colleagues. "But, true to form, he is already cracking jokes." According to Van Slyke, Beutler was supposed to file a piece with the Consortium today. In his first words today to his editor, Adele Stan, he said dryly: "Sorry. I left you high and dry."

Late Update: As you may have seen down in the comments, Beutler friend and former TPMmuckraker Spencer Ackerman checks in after visiting the hospital:

I've just come back from the hospital, where I got to see Brian. He's going to be OK. Sure enough, he's in stunningly good spirits -- way way better than I would be if the situation was reversed. Strong like bull, that dude. He thanks everyone for their good wishes.

But please, this is a sensitive time for Brian and his family and friends, and our primary concern is his convalescence. Please respect this. Consider how you would feel if you were in his shoes.


Read more: http://tpmelectioncentral.talkingpointsmemo.com/2008/07...


Brian Beutler section at the Media Consortium website:
http://www.themediaconsortium.com/reporting/author/bria... /

Updated report on Brian's condition at Mother Jones blog:

The DUmmies response???

Demeter (1000+ posts) Wed Jul-02-08 11:56 PM
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22. I Think Guns Should Only Be Owned By Women
Edited on Wed Jul-02-08 11:58 PM by Demeter
and if a woman lets a man touch it, she loses it for life.

That would really stop a lot of male bullshit.

I'm more into the tinhat side of it--a setup by a crazed gun nut in high places ordering a hit.
Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Cheney, I didn't see you standing there!

dixiegrrrrl (659 posts) Wed Jul-02-08 09:01 PM
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13. Ya gotta wonder if it was a robbery or a hit..
Glad he is recovering nicely.

I am so suspicious of our dictatorship of late...well, since 2000.

Freddie Stubbs (1000+ posts) Wed Jul-02-08 11:47 PM
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20. Probably the same guy who mugged Randi Rhodes
Just ask Jon Elliott.

happydreams (1000+ posts) Thu Jul-03-08 04:01 PM
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29. How come you never hear about Repukkies getting mugged?
It isn't as if alot of people don't like them.

movie buff
07-03-2008, 08:23 PM
They were saying much the same thing when Rhodes was hospitalized (It was a hit against her for her views, etc.), until it was revealed that she had just fallen over drunk.
I have no doubt the guy was shot and all and I wish him the best, but do the DUmmies really think the GOP would be so petty and so devoid of other things to do that they'd target a freaking blogger? Targeting Rhodes would have been more believable!

07-03-2008, 11:27 PM
Sorry he got shot but I'd wager 99.9999% of the US population never heard
of the guy.

It's always a conspiracy with these morons.:rolleyes:

ralph wiggum
07-04-2008, 01:56 AM
Brian Beutler, a well-known progressive blogger

Therefore, known to 0.00000000000001 percent of the general population.

07-04-2008, 05:13 AM
The attack on gun ownership is especially rich. I wonder if the mugging had been conducted with a stick as a weapon, would we see a "Take the Sticks Movement?":rolleyes:

07-04-2008, 02:53 PM
It's always a conspiracy with these morons.:rolleyes:

It MUST be a conspiracy! No one EVER gets mugged in Washington DC! And especially not with guns, since guns have been illegal there!

(Obviously, not many of the DU crowd have ever lived or worked in the District. They don't realize that half of the Anacostia section of DC ends up in Lorton Prison.)