View Full Version : Kaine urges Liberty to reverse ‘attack on the liberty of its students’

05-26-2009, 10:38 PM

Kaine and Terry McAuliffe and many other liberal group are going after Liberty Univ. The lie is that Liberty has said they can no longer meet, the truth is they are not allowed to use Liberty Univ name in their groups name. Big difference but the left is taking this way beyond the truth. Headlines that democrats are banned, kick out, etc. here is a young democrat group that starting a campain
against Liberty... http://www.collegedemsalumni.com/liberty.php

Please fight back against these liberals and their lies.
Here you can read Liberty's statement

Here is the letter I just emailed them at


I was sorry to hear how you are distorting the truth about what happened with the democratic group at Liberty University. I can only assume you are trying to make a name for yourself by telling people only 1/2 of a story. That is deceptive to say the least. If you knew your bible, you would know that the snake twisted the truth in the garden of Eden to get Eve to eat of it’s fruit. This is not how one builds credibility as it can come back on you one day.
Here is where you can read what Liberty has to say about it (if you dare).
The group can still meet at Liberty it just can not use Liberty’s name as part of the groups name. That is totally different for the story you are telling people.
If your aim is about fairness at a school, you would complain about schools that WILL NOT let pro-life groups even have a group let alone meet at a school. Your double standard is so pathetic.