View Full Version : "Will Ultra Liberal U.S. Jews Stand With Israel - Or Obama? "

06-03-2009, 06:31 PM
Will U.S. Jews Stand With Israel - Or Obama?
With whom do you stand, American Jews - America and Israel or Obama and the Democratic Party?

"I vote That They Will Support Obama over Israel !"

American Jews overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama, the Candidate of Change, despite credible warnings and ample evidence that he would obsessively seek to create a Palestinian state at Israel's expense and "engage" nuclear-arming, Islamist Iran. After four months of Change, Obama's support in the Jewish community seems rock solid. Besides, many Jews say, Obama's appointment of two Jews to key White House positions - Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff and David Axelrod as presidential senior adviser - proves Obama is OK for Israel. So what if the meeting with Netanyahu didn't go as well as first advertised? Bibi's a... snip

In other words, Obama's appeasement of Iran and betrayal of Israel is effectively helping to prepare the ground for a new Holocaust and a new world war.

And American Jews and Jewish organizations - seemingly slavishly bound to a Democratic Party with a left wing that now views the establishment of Israel as a mistake - are going along for the ride. American Jewish voters overwhelmingly chose Obama over John McCain, a proven friend of Israel, and they don't seem at all ready to jump ship. They are not even close to the exit ramp.

What will it take for American Jews to stand up and be counted? Would a call by Obama for a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem open their eyes? Probably not. In contrast with bible-believing Christians and observant Jews, liberal Jews are fashionably forsaking Israel's capital. Strong support for Israel is so yesterday ... so ... Bush/Cheney.

The time is fast approaching for American Jewry to decide between loyalty to a political party that bears no resemblance to that which their parents and grandparents adored for generations and their professed love of Israel whose security, along with the security of the United States, is being undermined by everything Obama is presently doing, has done, and plans to do.

With whom do you stand, American Jews - America and Israel or Obama and the Democratic Party?