View Full Version : Obama’s DOJ opens the door to the sort of vote fraud that has made ACORN Famous.

06-03-2009, 08:21 PM
Obama DOJ refuses to let state of Georgia purge illegal aliens from its voting rolls. Nor can Georgia remove "dead people" from the rolls.
Obama’s DOJ opens the door to the sort of vote fraud that has made ACORN famous.

Georgia Democrats have a very long history of crooked politics, fraudulent voting, and outright vote theft. Now, the Obama Department of Justice has provided a ruling that will make such fraud easy.

Basically, Obama’s Justice Department says requiring proof of citizenship in order to vote is discrimination. You read that right. There is no “however” involved.

Georgia Democrats who have almost certainly joined others across the country working to figure a way to use illegal immigrants to further Democrat intentions, must be popping corks, or opening jars of moonshine in celebration.

Georgia Democrats have long led the nation in corruption.

When the “Godfather” of the ole Talmadge machine died after being elected governor, but before he could be sworn in, Georgia Democrats entertained the entire nation with a show of political snatch and grab that led to the state having three governors at one point.

Talmadge’s son Herman got a piece of the action via write in voting – in his home county, the younger Talmadge received write in votes that were cast in alphabetical order. Democrats didn’t blink at the obvious fraud.

Of course, in recent history, Democrats have often used Black churches in their vote schemes and scams. These are the same Democrats who denied blacks meaningful voting until the early 1960s saw an end to the infamous county unit system, and ended the “White Democrat Primary” in which the real voting was accomplished.

When I began computerizing Georgia voter lists for the very first time back in 1965, Democrats had no problem explaining to me why they continued to vote for deceased relatives. In fact, some considered such voting to be an obligation.

Now, we have the flood of illegal aliens – Georgia being one of the most afflicted states in that regard. Add to that the recent record of Georgia’s voting Republican – taking over state government entirely – and the state’s Democrats are most anxious to get illegal alien voters registered and be assured the illegals will vote straight Democrat.

Even as investigations of Obama’s ACORN are growing, the DOJ makes its Georgia ruling and thus the Obama government accomplishes what ACORN is accused of doing – making fraudulent voting open and easier.

Normal Georgians whose primary political concern in honest and effective government, have been dealt a serious blow by the Obama administration. But who is surprised? Certainly none of us who have had to confront George Democrat voting conspiracies before.