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06-06-2009, 05:16 PM
PARIS, France (CNN) -- The bodies of two men, one of whom was confirmed to be a passenger from the Air France plane that is believed to have crashed in the Atlantic Ocean on Monday, were found early Saturday, a Brazilian air force spokesman said.

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06-08-2009, 10:49 AM
RECIFE, Brazil (CNN) -- A Brazilian navy frigate navigated deep waters of the Atlantic on Saturday, carrying the bodies of two men confirmed as passengers of an Air France plane that crashed nearly a week earlier.

A search vessel steams past a marker and debris in the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday.

1 of 2 The bodies, discovered along with several items from the plane earlier in the day, were being transported by the Constituicao Frigate

roughly 675 kilometers (420 miles) southward to Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago of volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean, said Col.
Henry Munhoz, spokesman for the Brazilian air force


Fernando de Noronha - The Island of the Forbidden
What does Fernando de Noronha remind you of, this very unusual place? The Cliffs of Dover? Jurassic Park? The Volcanic Formations of the Hawaiian Coast? A Tropical Paradise? The Land That Time Forgot? These are just a few of the descriptions uttered by those who have been lucky enough to visit this very special place. But, the best description of all is - A place like you've never seen before !
Two hundred some miles off Natal on Brazil's northeastern coast, in waters untainted by sediment from Brazil's major rivers, lies Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago looking today much like it did when it was discovered five hundred years ago.

Its distance from shore and the limited tourist facilities aren't a drawback to visitors who rave enthusiastically about these spectacular islands.
The archipelago is called Fernando de Noronha The islands are the remains of volcanic mountains jutting up from the Atlantic. There are twenty small islands, one larger one, and scores of beautiful beaches where clean sand, pure water and fabulous marine life abound.


200 miles off the northeastern coast of Brazil lies a mountainous archipelago made up of 21 islands, the National Marine Sanctuary of Fernando de Noronha. With its crystal-clear water and rich marine life, the archipelago is a heavenly retreat for underwater pleasures.

The main island is sparsely populated, only 1500 inhabitants, and is an extinct volcanic cone. The island-mountain is part of the mid-Atlantic ridge, an underwater mountain chain which is over 15,000 km long. In the 1500s, the Portugese claimed Fernando de Noronha and built a fortress here. Only the ruins of the fortress remain today for you to explore and in many ways the islands are still the way they were in the 1500s, untouched and exciting.

The dive sites include shipwrecks, caverns, amazing volcanic rock and coral formations, wild dolphins, an array of reef sharks, turtles - big ones!, schooling baracudas and all kinds of rays, schooling fish of every kind and color.

Did we mention dolphins? Dolphins on every dive? That's right! and you will get the chance to snorkle and play in the water with over 600 at one time. Every day between 2 and 3pm, a pod of over 600 spinner dolphins leaves the Bay of Dolphins to hunt and then they return at about 5am the next day. This is the oldest and largest residential school of dolphins on earth.

You can swim with the juvenile sharks at Lage dos Dies Irmaos. Of the 14 species of sharks in the area, the gray reef sharks have seemingly found and claimed a protected feeding ground and breeding area.

Witness the release of turtles into the wild. There is a protected beach which is the feeding and breeding area for hawksbill and green turtles, which the government is trying to preserve.

Dive the Corvete, a sunken Portugese frigate in pristine condition. And much, much, more.

While visiting Noronha, you will stay in Pousadas - small family owned accommodations where you will experience the lifestyle and warmth of the island's people. Most meals are prepared by "the lady of the house" and enjoyed family-style. Comfortable sleeping arrangements and warm water showers are the norm, however, you will find no five star hotels on Noronha and may wake to find cows or goats in your front yard.

Ataque das Fragatas - Fernando de Noronha
Fernando de Noronha - Tudo de bom!
Fernando de Noronha - Momento Brasil

06-08-2009, 02:09 PM
PARIS, France (CNN) -- The bodies of two men, one of whom was confirmed to be a passenger from the Air France plane that is believed to have crashed in the Atlantic Ocean on Monday, were found early Saturday, a Brazilian air force spokesman said.

LINK (http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/americas/06/06/brazil.plane.crash/index.html)


One might be confirmed but it's a safe bet that the other is as well.