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06-07-2009, 10:13 AM
A `Brothers Grim’ Fairytale for 2009 and Beyond:

Once upon a time there came a president who crossed the global village telling bigger whoppers than any other president, including George W. Bush. But the one he told at Buchenwald when the 65th Anniversary of D-Day was being celebrated, really sticks in the craw.

They say the more often a lie gets told the sooner it becomes the truth, but this is how the Barack Hussein Obama big lie went down at Buchenwald in time for D-Day commemoration ceremonies: “I’ve known about this place since I was a boy hearing stories, uhh, about my great uncle, who was a very young man, uh, serving in World 11.” (Rush Limbaugh, June 5, 2009). “He was part of the 89th Infantry Division, the first Americans to reach a concentration camp, eh, they liberated Ohrdruf, one of Buchenwald’s subcamps. And I’ve told this story, he returned from service in a state of shock, uh, saying little and isolating himself for months on end from family and friends, uh, along with the painful memories that would not leave his head.”

“His uncle has told the UK Telegraph and Der Spiegel, `I don’t know how he knows this, I’ve never talked to him about it.’”


Sit down at your kitchen table--if you still have one--and fill in the blanks so that upcoming generations don’t conclude that Dreams of My Father was an unstoppable nightmare.

But first hide your granny! In the BS world, the Big Bad Wolf is no long after Little Red Riding Hood but your Granny, As in the post-January 20, 2009 world anybody over age 60 needing an operation or medication will be sent on their way.

Obama was born:

In a manger,
Planet Krypton (his joke)
None of the Above

Obama’s birth certificate is:

In the bottom of your crackerjack box;
Still waiting for the ink to dry;
On a WorldNetDaily sign out on some obscure country road;
In Michelle’s safety deposit box
buried in Ted Kennedy’s compound
None of the above
Obama is married to:

Oprah Winfrey,
A re-incarnated but not working Jackie O,
His back-talking Teleprompter,
His Blackberry,
Prince Charles,
None of the Above
Obama’s favourite smokes are:

Craven A
Players Lite
Whatever he can cop when the paparazzi’s not around
Cuban cigars
Wacky Tobaccy
None of the Above
Obama’s favourite flag is

Saudi Arabia’s
The personalized one on his private plane
The Today the Pond, Tomorrow the World One
None of the Above
Obama’s favorite dates

The Manhattan flyover joyride
Chicago on Valentines Day
Cocktails at Nancy’s
Wednesday Wagyu steak nights at the White House
His 3-plane, 2-helicopter, $75,000 night out in the Big Apple with Michelle My Belle
Hanging at home and having pizza delivered by plane
None of the Above
Obama really is

King of the World
The 12th Imam Mahdi
The Messiah whose dog walks on water
Elvis Presley returned
The Wizard of Oz
Edgar Bergen’s Dummy
The Talking Head behind the Teleprompter
The second coming

06-07-2009, 11:54 AM
Defending an Obama statement turns my stomach, but in the interest of honesty, in this speech he didn't say "My uncle told me", he said "I heard about...", which can and probably does mean that he heard about it from other relatives, not his uncle directly. So the uncle saying "I never told him that" is true, but if he told any other family member, that person probably told the rest of the family, who likely all wanted to know why he was so depressed when he came back from the war.

06-08-2009, 01:31 AM
GW never told an untruth; never anything resembling a "whopper".

Obama is a laughable clown.

Let's just post the truth in this thread. Thanks.

06-08-2009, 01:56 AM
GW never told an untruth; never anything resembling a "whopper".

Obama is a laughable clown.

Let's just post the truth in this thread. Thanks.


1/10 for trolling, mate.

06-08-2009, 03:35 AM

1/10 for trolling, mate.

black is the pot........

06-08-2009, 04:24 AM
Nope, sorry :). I'm only here to play for serious. Of course, if you define having a different viewpoint as trolling, then I guess I'm guilty as charged.