View Full Version : "While Obama is Killing Israel: AmJews Love Liberal/Socialism More than Israel ."

06-08-2009, 11:03 PM
While American Jews cheer him on, Obama is killing Israel: they love socialism more than Israel

American Jews are liberal Democrats before supporters of Israel and this spells big trouble Israel.

Since Harry Truman every American President has courted Jewish votes with his support for Israel. But time has frayed the emotional ties between America’s Jews and their “homeland” Israel. Until Obama’s campaign no candidate recognized this.

The Obama team is loathsome and Marxists, but make no mistake, their political acumen on the question of Israel is flawless. Obama is making it clear he’s using his presidency to change American foreign policy to favor the Palestinians over Israel and he’s not worried about the consequences.

Until today any president turning away from Israel would be committing political suicide. But Obama’s handlers have recognized he can “have his political cake and eat it too,” on Israel. They know there’ll be no political price to pay for throwing Israel under the bus because America’s Jews have “progressed.” They no longer care about Israel and find liberal Democrat politics more appealing than expending time money or energy protecting Israel.

Monday Obama ordered his Chicago thug enforcer Rahm Emanuel to deliver a blunt message to Israel: bend over and given the Palestinians gangsters who want to kill you what they want or forget about American help against Iran. This used to be a fatal mistake for a president, but not anymore.

Nothing to fear from "Liberal/"Jewish voters

A new Gallup poll shows Obama, who campaigned with strong support from vicious anti Semites like Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Wright, has not lost the support of a single American Jew over the issue of Israel or anything else. Obama has the same 79% Jewish support he got on Election Day.

The situation is very clear: Israel must stand alone because Obama and his American Jews don’t give a damn about her survival.