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06-17-2009, 10:52 AM
"They will Be able to Track Those Christian Terrorists 24/7 ."

Here it comes, Jack... The Mark Of The Beast .

While showing clapping videos (i.e..."Miss Molly Mack") to Emmie Saturday morning, we were presented with an video advertisement for LoJack for kids. I decided to send you a screenshot.

This stuff will catch on like a house afire. In just a few years, the refusal to have an R.F.I.D. device installed in ones baby will be viewed as neglectful.

Soon after, it will be mandatory. Public schools will require the device. Adults will embrace the device. The device will be very convinent, and offer many real and tangable benifits.

Very soon, it will make sense to use the same I.D. for all purposes, governmental, medical, security, and financial. A family will bring great hardship upon itself in refusing the device.

Just Sayin'.
Lojack For Kids?
from the nice-for-parents...-but-for-kids? dept
It seems like any number of companies these days are working on solutions to let parents put a lojack-like system on their kids to track their whereabouts every hour of the day.

The latest system, about to launch in the London area, actually uses the same technology that is used to track down stolen cars. Instead of using mobile phone networks or GPS - like some similar solutions - this one uses a radio network to triangulate the location of the kid.

Of course, while I can see the appeal to parents, I know that if I had one of these on me when I was a kid it wouldn't make me very happy.

Making your kids paranoid about being watched all the time might prepare them for (what appears to be) our rapidly approaching Big Brother society - but doesn't do a whole lot to instill a sense of trust in kids. Of course, I say this as someone without kids of my own - but I'd be interested in hearing from some parents about their opinions on such systems.


06-17-2009, 02:21 PM
States don't have enough money to make this a child neglect issue. We don't take kids from smokers (and trust me, I know workers who would love to be able to do that).

The periondontist I saw a few years ago tried to get me to sell my employer on a plan to put a child's dental and medical records on a chip, then put the chip inside a charm for a necklace, so that whenever a foster kid got moved, all the information would be available for the next doctor and dentist without any problems. I didn't even share it with management, because 1. It's probably very expensive, and 2. The lawyers for the children would be all over it and claim that it was somehow a violation of the child's right to privacy.