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06-20-2009, 06:30 PM
Obama Ally Tries To Squelch Another Whistleblower

In the wake of trying to squelch three federal Inspector Generals, there’s this story about how those who try to expose Obama, Obama administration, and Obama ally activities are dealt with.

ACORN/ProjectVote has filed a suit against Anita Moncrief, asking damages of well over $5 million. Anita Moncrief is a former employee who has distributed internal emails to exhibit illegal ties between the Obama presidential campaign and ACORN/ProjectVote, and she has testified and written widely about what she knows. ACORN/ProjectVote has received tens of millions of federal funds and is slated to receive many, many more millions.

The 30-page civil action filed by ProjectVote is downloadable here. Legal papers are not my usual Saturday morning reading, but this one caught my eye as an illustration of legal thuggery.

The charges are basically three:

Moncrief misappropriated about $1700 while an employee, of which she’paid back about $500 before Moncrief’s employment was terminated. She helped expose how a former executive stole $1million. In a blogpost by Moncrief last November, she admits her own misuse of funds and takes responsibility, pleading extreme need due to poor health insurance benefit and pay. Yet the suit presents nothing about trying legally to recover the remaining funds from her. The charge appears in order to lay groundwork for reducing Moncrief’s credibility and as reason for her seeking vengeance.

The next charge is that Moncrief misappropriated ProjectVote’s trademark by her use of the email address projectvotenews@mail.org to distribute internal emails exhibiting embarrassing doings to donors. This appears a weak charge as in this grey area of law it does not appear she infringed on the trademark. See, for example, “Fair Use of Trademarks” at the The Publishing Law Center.

The next charge is that Moncrief damaged relationships with donors. No impact on donations is presented. Another weak charge.

The complaint includes, in addition to Moncrief, a “John Doe”, another employee who may have supplied Moncrief with additional internal material. This appears an effort to unearth the remaining whistleblowing mole.

A competent legal team for Moncrief should be able to deal with the charges, and in the process of discovery and media coverage bring further to light ACORN/ProjectVote’s nature. Hopefully, Moncrief will obtain it, or be squelched by her own lack of funds to defend herself and our right to know where and how our tax dollars are used.

Of note, the New York Times shut down its investigation of ACORN/ProjectVote. Newsbusters describes some of the details. http://newsbusters.org/blogs/matthew-vadum/2009/05/18/nyt-finally-admits-it-spiked-obama-acorn-corruption-story


06-21-2009, 01:26 AM
so many things to blow the whistle about here too. NOW - for all you birthers - do you see how quickly people blow the whistle when they have information - were are the birthcertificate whistle blowers in the Hawaiian government?

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Going to post this over at Free Republic. He his such a slim bucket