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06-21-2009, 09:41 PM
Anyone who plays golf has stood on a tee box and waited for the group out in the fairway to move on ahead. "If I get hold of it, I can hit them from here," is the standard comment. Whether the golfer's prowess would allow him or her to actually land a ball near the others is unclear, but etiquette demands patience and a bit of reason.

We thought about that mild circumstance when we learned that North Korea is threatening to launch one of its long-range missiles toward Hawaii on or around July 4.

The missile has a range of 4,000 miles. Hawaii is about 4,500 miles away.


A bit higher or lower launch angle. Maybe those final 500 miles aren't impossible to cover.

Then what? What happens if a North Korean missile does strike Hawaii, even an uninhabited edge of one of the islands? That's an attack on our United States, right?

Unfortunately, we can't see it any other way.

We'd like to balance the result no harm against the alternative war with North Korea but lobbing a missile in our direction is a provocative action that can't go unpunished.



That puts the U.S. mainland out of reach, and it probably puts Hawaii out of reach, too, but North Korea doesn't have to hit us to start World War III. He doesn't have to destroy Los Angeles to force us to retaliate.


Maybe the world community would consider a Korean missile launch toward Hawaii as one act of war too many and would not oppose a U.S. reaction, even a military one.

Yes, that's a long shot. We hesitate to even suggest that rogue nations around the world would use a bit of common sense in that situation. But maybe others would keep their powder dry, allowing us to handle the North Korean problem once and for all.

Kim Jong-il may be a few days away from letting the voices in his head talk him into something he might not live long enough to regret.

Only time will tell

06-21-2009, 09:55 PM
He killed a fly but I wouldn't get my hopes up.