View Full Version : Obama: "the Great Pretender"

06-22-2009, 01:57 AM
The respected Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson finally says what Obama is doing: lying. Obama is "The Great Pretender."

Samuelson is the first of the mainstream media to tear off Obama's mask.

Obama is and has been throughout his long campaign and the time so far of his presidency a master of doublespeak. Samuelson now calls him to account.

Obama has been a socialist ideologue since his youngest days when his mentor was a black member of the communist party who fueled his resentment of white America. Who did Obama hang out with in college? As he revealed in his own book, black power advocates and Marxist socialists. Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan kept the fire of resentment of America burning.

As a community organizer, Obama learned the playbook of Saul Alinsky, whose Rules for Radicals was a manual for destroying American capitalism and building a totalitarian socialist society in its place. Among the tools of the trade were stirring anger and resentment, lying, dissembling, hiding the truth of the real agenda. This was the path to power.

With his rhetorical skills and narcissistic confidence, he was able to sell "hope" and "change" to obscure his plan for power: Enlarge the class dependent on government to make them his followers -- and the followers of his party -- for years to come. Rich whites would pay as he transferred their wealth to the hand-out class he was mobilizing. Power and revenge together.

The housing bubble -- that Obama helped create by forcing bankers to make mortgage loans they shouldn't -- and collapse and the resulting panic gave him the opportunity Alinksy envisioned: Desperate people would respond to the call for "change" and Obama would roll out his own special brand of totalitarian state socialism reminiscent of the 1930s -- featuring curtailment of free speech, heightened class and racial resentment, suppression of individual initiative , eugenics and the wanton destruction of the helpless.