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Rebel Yell
06-24-2009, 11:01 AM
This Ain't About Healthcare

From what I understand, the healthcare program the Obama administration is touting makes the Hillarycare program proposed back in the nineties look like small potatoes.

This plan is purported to be capable of covering all the uninsured in this country, but according to the opinions of some who have studied the plan, it will still leave some 37 million Americans uninsured while providing substandard healthcare to untold millions of others, and it will be harder to get to boot.

I have not ever felt that this monolithic take over of healthcare was about healthcare, and I still don't. It's about power, pure and simple. Why else would any U.S. President want to turn the healthcare of his nation over to non-medical bureaucrats who can decide when and how much medical treatment people can have?

One only has to look north of the border to our neighbor, Canada, to see the results of socialized medicine. Why do you think that so many of our Canadian friends come south of the border for medical treatment?

There are horror stories about people having to wait months for treatment or medicines they so desperately need, just because some bureaucrat has not gotten around to processing their paperwork or have decided that their need is not great enough to move to the front of the long, long line.

Or you could check the healthcare in England or any other nation with socialized medicine. It's a nightmare of red tape and incompetency.

I know, I know, President Obama has said that he was not after a government takeover of healthcare, but isn't he also the man who said he would do away with earmarks and pork, and that the government didn't want to run the automobile business? Well, has he kept those promises?

And for you cherry pickers who want to point out that according to Obama's plan you can still keep the insurance you have -although employer provided insurance will be taxed as income under the plan- it is not difficult to see where employers will start cutting insurance benefits in favor of the government plan, nor is it difficult to see that private insurance companies would have difficulty competing with Obamacare, very possibly putting them out of business.

As I said before, this is not about healthcare, this is about power over your life and every body else's and if you'll open your eyes wide enough, it will become transparent to you.

National healthcare would be no more than an expanded version of Medicare, which has been broke for almost all the years it has been in existence.

The program is bilked out of billions of dollars a year by crooked doctors, and for some reason the American Medical Association refuses to clean it up.

With a national healthcare program there is much more opportunity for fraud plus creating the opportunity for political patronage and personal vendettas that we cannot even think about!

Just think of putting the dispensing of healthcare into the hands of a petty and vindictive government employee with an ax to grind.

The President says he can finance his pie in the sky programs by cuts and taxing the rich, but what he is proposing is absolutely impossible.

So watch out America, here it comes, they may be called by fancy names like value added tax or taking a little of your employer's insurance allowance but they're coming and they're going to hit everybody.

Only time will tell if I'm right or wrong but two years from now pull this Soapbox out of the archives and check it for accuracy.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, and for our country

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

I know Charlie Daniels opinion is not worth any more than any other celebrity, but it's nice to know that they're not all raving moonbats. Some still have that real world common sense.

06-24-2009, 11:26 AM
I know Charlie Daniels opinion is not worth any more than any other celebrity, but it's nice to know that they're not all raving moonbats. Some still have that real world common sense.

I like reading his soap box entries! He is a true America lover and hates what he sees happening. I would take his opinion over other celeutards because he is not a foaming at the mouth activist. He just lays out what he sees happening and how bad the changes have been compared to his years . Jeez Charlie has got to be in his 80s, hes seen alot!