View Full Version : "Big O, U.S. Ambassadors to Syria, Venezuela ( also to Hamas?)"

06-24-2009, 03:39 PM
Obama to Return U.S. Ambassadors to Syria, Venezuela (Obama also to negotiate with Hamas?)
"Looks like Carter convinced him to Trust Hamas ."


The Obama administration has decided to return an ambassador to both Venezuela and Syria after a diplomatic hiatus with both countries, FOX News confirmed Wednesday. The United States and Venezuela have been working to reinstate ambassadors to each other's capitals since Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in April at the Summit of the Americas, a State Department official said. The move would reverse a tit-for-tat the countries had last year, when Venezuela kicked out the U.S. ambassador and the United States did the same to Venezuela's envoy. "The necessary measures are being taken" to..