View Full Version : Fast Boat Threat Faces Hail of Hellfires

06-29-2009, 03:17 PM
"When The Republician Guard starts buzzing our ships this time they will be eating W.P.HellFires !"

Faced with the threat from swarms of small boats. the US Navy is looking to equip the sensor turrets of its shipborne helicopters with the ability to designate multiple targets for simultaneous attack by laser-guided missiles like Hellfire.

A new Office of Naval Research project, called Multi-Target Track and Terminate (MT3), aims to demonstrate a prototype multi-target laser designator on an MH-60 - including at least six simultaneous launches against maritime targets in realistic conditions - within 60 months of contract...snip

According to ONR the inshore threat to Navy ships ranges from tens of RPG-armed raiders on jet skis to a handful of fast attack boats carrying short-range cruise missiles.

A helicopter launched to defend the ship - whether a manned MH-60 or AH-1 or unmanned Fire Scout - must be able to spot the threat among other boats in the area, pick the most threatening, and rapidly engage them. The Navy does not want a repeat of the 2000 suicide attack on the USS Cole in Aden.


06-29-2009, 03:22 PM
That's awesome news! Surprising that our Muslim President would allow the military to actually display some sack when it comes to his people.