View Full Version : Obama's Biggest Character Flaw ["Obama's Biggest Audience Is Himself"]

07-03-2009, 12:40 AM
The President of these United States recently expressed his love for "the Urdu poets," a piece of inspired BS that nobody in their right minds believed for a second. But then the P was narrowcasting to Pakistan, he thought, and Americans weren't supposed to be listening. Yet character is revealed in those little snippets of Obama's mind -- his glorious fantasy life, his everlasting hope that somebody will fall for another piece of schtick, and his essential fraudulence as a human being.

Obama's biggest audience is himself, and no doubt he preened and pranced in his mind's eye when he told the nation of Pakistan about his deep love and understanding of Urdu. Love ya, baby! all those sixty million Pakis were shouting, marveling at our polyglot president. Waddaguy! At least in Obi's fantasy life, that is. Because that Zeppelin-sized ego of his needs to be pumped up a little bit more every single day.

Would you like to ride/

on my beautiful balloon?

Well, yes. For his next showboating performance our P will parade his beautiful ballooning ego in front of Vladimir Putin, whose own hands are dripping with the blood of Chechen Muslims, not to mention those brave (and now dead) Moscow journalists who dared to criticize the new Czar in the media.

When it comes to czars Vladimir Putin is almost the real thing, whipping and murdering the peasants and the boyars -- not those phony styrofoam Red Commissars Obama keeps in the White House, to lord it over Federal cabinet departments. For the privilege of parading his beautiful ego in Moscow, Obama has no doubt paid a steep price: Say, stopping US anti-missile defense construction for Poland and the Czech Republic.

They've got his number, all the political con artists around the world. For a little balloon-pumping flattery Obama will sell out American national security interests -- not to mention those of our allies. Obama's "historic" Epistle to the Muslims, delivered last month at Cairo's Al Azhar University (an international center for Islamist propaganda) was not really intended to make a billion Muslims fall down at his feet. No, the main goal of all those grand gestures is to make Obama feel better about himself. That's the key to his character.

You could call it ego porn.

It's not that the Russians are against missile defense -- they've had those in place around Moscow for generations. No, they're just against American missile defenses,

hoping to slow down our fast progress while they rush to catch up. Over in Tehran Ahmadi-Nejad is looking for advanced Russian defense systems any day now, and President Obama is obliging the A'jad tyranny by helping the Russians slow down our defenses against Iran's shiny new ballistic missiles. Putin may kill fundamentalist Muslims in Chechnya, but A'jad is America's sworn enemy, and that's all that counts for Putin, as he tries to rebuild the Evil Empire.


07-03-2009, 12:59 AM