View Full Version : Recession Special: Wine Cheaper Than Water!

07-06-2009, 05:55 PM
Recession Special: Wine Cheaper Than Water!

A lot of people are trading down on their meals, cooking at home and eating fast food, amid the recession.
Fill me up, Johnny—Just doing my part to help the economy!

But your culinary luck is about to change: Things are now so bad that you can eat and drink like a king at pauper’s prices!Remember, we told you that the recession has hit the seafood industry so hard, you can now get lobster at lunch-meat prices on Cape Cod.

Well, pour yourself a glass of vino to go with that lobster tail tonight because wine prices have fallen so much, winemakers in Australia are complaining that wine is now cheaper than some bottled water.


Dan Murphy, a major wine-retail chain in Australia, is currently selling cleanskins, bottles of wine without a label that are usually sold in a case, for 1.99 Australian dollars, or about $1.60, the Sunday Mail reports.