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07-06-2009, 07:09 PM
Just Remember What Happened The Last Time Medvedev Had a Pleasant Meeting With a U.S. President

Just Remember What Happened The Last Time Medvedev Had a Pleasant Meeting With a U.S. President
It's always nice to see the leaders of the United States and Russia having a pleasant summit.

But let's not fool ourselves into thinking the statements mean much. In July 2008, President Bush and Russian President Dimitri Medvedev had a meeting at the G8 summit:

PRESIDENT MEDVEDEV: (As translated.) Well, indeed, we had this exchange today with George concerning various issues on the agenda of our relationship, including those of domestic importance, trade and investments, and internationally related matters, including those conflicts and crisis tendencies in the world. And true that on certain matters we do have differences originating from the previous background and differences are there. And on the others we have absolutely similar positions. But what is really important, the dialogue is there and there is a commonality of the overview on various things between us.

And the other thing which is also important is that I congratulated George on his birthday, which is also a very important thing, irrespective of summits out there irrespective of our will, these dates occur in our life...

PRESIDENT MEDVEDEV: (As translated.) Well, yes, we have discussed these matters on the further development of a relationship between our two countries with George and we are positive that they will develop further on and we will build on the relationship with the new American administration. But we still have six months with the effective administration and we'll try to intensify our dialogue with this administration.

The other thing is that, yes, there are certain questions on our agenda where we agree, and these are the matters pertaining to Iran, North Korea. But then certainly there are others with respect to European affairs and missile defense where we have differences. We would like to agree on these matters, as well, and we also feel very comfortable in our dealings with George.

And then, a month later, Russia invaded Georgia..