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07-08-2009, 04:33 PM
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What the hell is a 'hater'? Is it a new meaning for an old word?

I keep hearing this term, or word, used in many different situations, and it seems to have morphed into something other than what it once was, like the word 'queer'.

What the hell is a hater? I might be one, cause there are really a lot of things I hate, like most republicans, and palin, gingrich, rush, hannity, colter, etc. Am I a hater? What's so wrong with being a hater as long as it doesn't consume you? Doesn't everybody hate something or someone?When I read that line I almost choked on what I was eating because I was laughing so hard. It may not make sense but that was my reaction. (Blame it on being home sick and rather bored?)

That's the definition of a hater. One who's hate consumes them. There is no better example than some leftists beliefs and reactions to President Bush and Sarah Palin. And of course some to anything conservative and/or Christian. It isn't a difference in beliefs or policy, it's when dislike and hatred are so visceral that the immediate consistent response is to name call, lie about, swear at, or cut down the other group or person.

Not every liberal or Democrat is a hater, in the general population it's only a small percent, but DU like some other liberal political sites has more than their fair share.

Let's look and see how DUers define it.

1. Its someone who criticizes a person you are irrationally infatuated with

6. bingo! n/t

get the red out
2. Someone who disagrees

Generally it appears to be someone who passionately disagrees with some original premise presented. For a conservative, it is anyone who disagrees with them. That's not what "hater" should mean but it has morphed into that.

Cant trust em
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3. It kind of means naysayer.

Or someone who is constantly raining on a parade.

Echo In Light
4. Like most epithets the meaning can vary depending upon context

To be referred to as a "hater" is usually indicative of a very negative, hateful attitude in general, and represents those who often don't display or express any moral qualms w/volatile subjects. So it's easy to see why it's used inappropriately.

For instance, one's criticisms of right-wing power and its machinations doesn't constitute hatred, per se, if your objections are framed within a moral context.

However, if one is merely being flippant, and playing the this-side/that-side 'sports' mentality game of politics, and therefore the criticisms don't stem from one's innate sense of social injustice, than perhaps the term applies. What?

5. a person who hates

Echo In Light
7. It's not quite so simple.

Republican refers to Obama as a 'socialist,' and uses profanity and belligerence to underscore their rage.

Leftist refers to Obama as a 'moderate repub,' and offers examples of how the two Name Brand party systems is a sham used to protect centralized, corporate power.

Either of those can get you called a "hater," even though it should, should be clear as to the intent behind each, which, again, should be the qualifier. But for other repubs, the first example is 'truth' and therefore anyone disagreeing can be a "hater," as where re the latter example, staunch two party system supporters, even Dems, may consider the person interjecting unwelcome views as "negative," and therefore a "hater."Lots of projection in this one.

11. It's one of Sarah's favorite words

for people who disagree with her.
Sebastian Doyle
18. Well... according to the current DU definition
it's apparently anyone who doesn't think a dead pop star deserves 2 weeks of non stop network news coverage.

Last week, it was anyone who merely criticized the President.

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Don't hate da playa... hate da game