View Full Version : Yoga "cures" WHAT??!!?? "Cures" teh gay?

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Yoga "cures" WHAT??!!??
"Cures" teh gay?

Yoga is a practice of mental and physical discipline that has numerous healthful benefits, including increases in strength and flexibility, the reduction of stress, and now, according to one well-known practitioner, heterosexuality. Following the historic decision by Delhi's High Court to decriminalize homosexuality in India last week, a number of political and religious groups, such as the Muslims and Catholics, have denounced the ruling and plan to fight it. While the representatives of these religions engage in the usual homophobic rhetoric, the world's most popular Hindu guru, Swami "Baba" Ramdev, has a solution to the problem of homosexuality: yoga. " can be treated like any other congenital defect. Such tendencies can be treated by yoga, pranayam and other meditation techniques," he said. Yoga comprises a series of movements into poses, called asanas, that mimic forms found in nature. Pranayam are a series of breathing exercises, which include hyperventilation and slow breath. We here at CarnalNation have practiced yoga. While downward-facing dog and other "opening up" postures have improved our overall flexibility, they've also gotten us into some tight spaces. But with pranayam, we've been able to breathe through it. We fail to see how yoga will cure gayness when the instructor keeps insisting that we "engage the perineum." With all those asses opened up and in the air, we always want to know whose perineum we should be engaging. But we'll keep trying. Namaste.


Yogi thinks homosexuality is a curable birth defect?

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4. It's probably the same technique to fight any carnal desires,
heterosexual or homosexual.
Yoga, like most things, can be twisted. Please don't think of yoga as anti-homosexual.

Let's keep a clear head here! No need to over react. Bad yogi! Bad bad!

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That thread will go no where.

The DUmmies are on the hunt for Darth Cheney tonight!!! Yoga can wait. :D

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I thought that yoga caused teh gay...

07-13-2009, 12:54 AM
I thought that yoga caused teh gay...

No, that was soybeans.

Yoga just makes any 7-11 clerk into a celebrity DVD guru.