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07-13-2009, 10:41 AM
The End of Obamania (http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-mcmanus12-2009jul12,0,7010231.column?vote47996294=1)

On his overseas trip, the president was met with a lot less cheering and a lot more tough talk.

Barack Obama has fallen back to Earth.

When he ran for president, Obama said his election would be "the moment the rise of the oceans began to slow." And when he made his first big foreign trip in April, he was hailed by adoring crowds -- and almost-as-adoring politicians -- in Britain, Germany, France and the Czech Republic.

But last week, in Russia and Italy, Obamania was little more than a pleasant memory. Yes, his international polling numbers are still high, but the president encountered hardly any adulation in the streets of Moscow or anywhere else. Instead, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin reportedly gave him a tongue-lashing over a two-hour breakfast, and the tent-bound refugees from Italy's April earthquake mostly wanted to know whether he could rebuild their homes. ("Yes, we camp," their banner said, pointedly.)

And the oceans are still rising too. At the Group of 8 summit, the developing countries said no to a timetable to stop global warming, the reason for the waters' rise.

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and here is a poll from the link:

Has President Obama’s popularity run its course?

78.0 %
Yes, now he needs to produce results.

22.0 %
No, he’s still better liked than any leader, which will help his diplomatic efforts.

And the poll was done on the LA Times...how much more liberal can a newspaper get?
I think his base is shrinking at an incredible rate for someone that was considered "The One" just 6 short months ago....

Looks like the Bush Derangement Syndrome has taken it's toll.....this is what we got because of it...a wimpy liberal that can't keep our country as #1...and has no intention of doing it, everything he has done and promoted is leading us to become equal to the 3rd world countries....got to have that equality across the globe you know, we can't work hard and strive to make things better here at home and make ourselves better than anyone else. That would be bad.....