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07-13-2009, 06:21 PM
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wndycty (1000+ posts) Mon Jul-13-09 04:14 PM
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Was I too harsh on a former student of mine who posted an ignorant comment about Sotomayor. . .
. . .on my Facebook page? LOL

former student at: 2:59pm July 13
You maybe right on Graham but Sotomayer is even worse. She has NO business on the Supreme Court and is the biggest bigot in the world!!!!

me at: 3:10pm July 13
{name redacted former student] your calling Sotomayor a bigot shows your base and simple ignorance. I am not sure what type of basic understanding race, racism and the struggles of people of color you have but its obvious you get your talking points from the hatemongers on the right who prey on low information voters like yourself. Seriously, even her critics in Congress... Read More... who took issue with some her comments didn't call her a bigot or racist because they know she isn't.

Sorry to get so personal but you calling her a bigot shows you to be nothing more than an ignorant low information voter who I encourage to debate me further on the issue. Bring it on and show the world, as well as my facebook friends how truly stupid you are. So you made the accusation that she is a bigot, now I want your ignorant uniformed ass to back it up. . .seriously bring it on.

With some you can't seperate the hate filled liberal from the teacher. I don't care-current student or previous student-this goes too far.

S/he couldn't even come up with examples and evidence that to refute the student, all s/he did was call names.

Makes you wonder what all her current students and their parents think of her now.
Ian David (1000+ posts) Mon Jul-13-09 04:15 PM
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1. You forgot to tell him to suck it.
Other than that, it was fine.

orestes (524 posts) Mon Jul-13-09 04:16 PM
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2. Former student? Then no.
I would say No if they were a current student too, if I weren't so sure they would cry to mommy and daddy about how much of a meanie you are.

SPedigrees (237 posts) Mon Jul-13-09 04:18 PM
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3. Gee, ya think?
Edited on Mon Jul-13-09 04:20 PM by SPedigrees
"bring it on!" ? If I were a professional I would safeguard my professional reputation while online, particularly to former students (or clients, whatever) by acting like a professional.

While I agree with your viewpoint, there is an adult and professional way in which to state an opinion.
countingbluecars (1000+ posts) Mon Jul-13-09 04:25 PM
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6. Well, you obviously stopped
being a teacher in this case. Insults don't usually open up minds.

HiFructosePronSyrup (1000+ posts) Mon Jul-13-09 04:27 PM
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8. Oh, I think the dipshit got a lesson.
Obamanaut (1000+ posts) Mon Jul-13-09 04:56 PM
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17. K&R. This post made me smile out loud. nt (that's a big grin)

Soylent Brice (1000+ posts) Mon Jul-13-09 05:02 PM
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20. you left chewed up pieces of his ass all over the internet tubez.