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07-18-2009, 02:36 PM
Found at the Patriot Room. Lots of embedded URL's. (http://patriotroom.com/article/court-rules-ask-god-what-your-grade-is--prof-violated-student-s-1st-amendment-rights)

by: Scott Martin posted: 2009-07-16 15:22:00
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When free people refuse to be cowed and actually stand up against statist government oppression of their rights, they usually prevail. Which explains perfectly why this story needs to get out, and why the mainstream media studiously ignore any mention of it.

Therefore, you probably can't recall John Matteson, the speech professor at LA City College. Matteson refused to let Jonathan Lopez, a Christian student, finish a speech on the moral argument against gay marriage, called Lopez a "fascist bastard," scrawled "Ask God what your grade is" on his grade sheet and threatened to expel Lopez after he complained to school officials. For a thorough summary of Matteson's transgressions and some excellent analysis, check out this excellent post at American Power.

Professor Matteson may not know what fascism is, but thankfully a U.S. District Court judge knows an authoritarian city-college hack when he sees one, and an illegal, anti-free speech sexual harassment code when he reads one.

Ruling that its sexual harassment code violates studentsí free speech rights, a federal judge has barred the Los Angeles Community College District from enforcing it.

U.S. District Judge George King issued a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit filed by a Christian student named Jonathan Lopez, who accused his professor at L.A. City College of censoring his classroom speech about his religious beliefs, including his opposition to gay marriage.

Lopez claimed the professor called him a "fascist bastard," cut his presentation short and refused to grade it. The student also challenged the district's sexual harassment code as overly broad.

King ruled that by using "subjective" terms such as "hostile" and "offensive," the district's policy encroached on constitutional free speech protections.

As Bill noted in his excellent piece, Bombshell: House Health Bill Makes Private Medical Insurance Illegal, it is time for the statists who wish to eliminate freedom and choice in our lives to feel the heat in their lives. They can't win when they are challenged, and they will flee when faced with resistance. They must be made to fear what will happen the next time they try to prevent someone from exercising their rights, whether it's freedom of speech or economic freedom.

I haven't been able to get in touch with the authoritarian bastard, John Matteson, but a marginally English-speaking operator at LACC said he could be reached at (323) 953-4000, extension 2966. There is no identification on his voice mail. I was unable to locate any other phone number for him.

LACC administration should be badgered into submission until it is forced to fire Matteson. He is free to speak all he wishes, but has no right to have taxpayers pay for him to do so. By stifling the free speech of a student in, of all things, a speech class, Matteson crossed the line. He must be held accountable.

Then he can ask God where his job went.


07-20-2009, 11:43 AM
I remember reading about this a while back. Glad the student won the case!

07-20-2009, 03:10 PM
pathetic and disgusting that there even needed to be a case . . . . but good that he won.