View Full Version : Suspect arrested over six US murders

07-18-2009, 07:59 PM
All the slayings are believed to be linked and the six victims are thought to have been shot dead. One man is in custody and assisting the police.
The first bodies were found at 10am on Saturday morning in Fayetteville, Tennessee, which is 85 miles south of America's country music capital, Nashville.

Sheriff Murray Blackwelder, from Lincoln County police, which covers Fayetteville, said: "I can't elaborate right now on the types of wounds these victims sustained. We're focusing on securing the scenes. I have called in the TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation), and the mobile crime lab is on its way."
An investigation is also under way into a death across the state border in Huntsville, Alabama, to establish whether, as believed, it was linked to the five Tennessee killings.
Kristin Helm, from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, said that the five killed in Fayetteville were found in two homes and that some of the victims were related. ...