View Full Version : Healthcare opposition shut down at Town hall meeting in Worcester MA

08-05-2009, 09:36 AM
Healthcare opposition shut down at Town hall meeting in Worcester MA

This is a letter written by a lady from the Massachusetts 912 project; she attended the meeting and was told no cameras or questions.

To all concerned patriots. Michelle and I went to the so called "town hall" meeting today in Worcester. Congressman McGovern was joined by Richard Neal. It was standing room only. It was such an orchestrated dog and pony show it was ridiculous.

We were outraged, as were many other people. As soon as they began, they announced that questions that had been submitted on index cards would be addressed at some point during the "discussion" That brought an outcry from those of us who wanted to ask some real questions.
"Obamas Gestapo Squad !"
There were a few, particulary one very outspoken woman, who sat down front, who came right out and stated that she was all for the healthcare plan.

Every time one of the many who are opposed tried to speak, she basically led the chant of "shut up" and sit down.

At one point people were told that they would be removed from the proceedings if they continued to shout out questions.
Then they agreed to take questions if we wrote them on index cards and handed them to people who were posted there to collect them. There was no opportunity to get up and speak. It was the most blatant example of the Obama lovers deliberately trying to silence any who dared to disagree.

We were also told that we could not bring our cameras into the "meeting" One man had to take his all the way back to his car. This was not a meeting, it was an informercial and propaganda tour.

People better wake up and start doing something to stop this, or we are all doomed. Neither McGovern or Neal truly answered questions from us, other than the usual evasive liberal rhetoric.

These people are afraid to even let us speak.