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08-05-2009, 03:51 PM
This is pretty funny stuff:

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Jerry wroteon August 4, 2009 at 11:27am
In the Dark Knight, anyone remember why the Joker would mark peoples faces in newspapers and such.

The groups picture is seriously fucked up right now and illegal. It should be changed immediately.

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Krissa wroteon August 4, 2009 at 11:40am
shut up

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Chris wrote23 hours ago
The Joker is an anarchist. To believe you guys, Obama is the exact opposite. Also, what Jerry said. You guys should think these things through.

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Jessica wrote23 hours ago
chris you are a tool thats been brainwashed your whole life ! i mean your white for crying out loud ! you are just the person hussein has hit target on because of that. wake up

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Anthony replied to Jerry's post23 hours ago

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Chris replied to Jessica's post23 hours ago
Sorry? Did something I say offend you? Or are you joking?

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Derek wrote23 hours ago
Chris wouldn't know anything from a hole in a wall.

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Mark wrote23 hours ago
Chris, the exact opposite of anarchy is fascism. Obama is not a fascist, he's a communist. You obviously only live in Grove City and don't attend college there.

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Jerry replied to Anthony's post23 hours ago
I hope you know that the picture you have up was the Jokers calling card for his next victim. Doing so is basically threatening the President.

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James wrote22 hours ago
What the hell? Threatening the president? Umm, hehe, sorry Jerry but you're completely wrong. Nobody ever said that they want to kill obama. And the Joker is a VILLAIN. By portraying obama as the Joker, the group picture is saying that obama is a villain, which he is. Nowhere on the picture, let alone the GROUP, does it say that obama should be killed. You are over-analyzing things. Geez.

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Andrew wrote22 hours ago
why so socialist Jerry?

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Anthony replied to Jerry's post20 hours ago
LOL. James is right. Dare I desecrate His highness? LOL. You're a joke!

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Sean wrote20 hours ago
anyone remember vanity fair doing this to bush? wtf is illegal about this? learn2law morons.

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Sean wrote20 hours ago
jerry you are a stupid clown. go back to the huffington post.

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Justin wrote19 hours ago
wow this jerry nerd needs a hug or needs his meds , pffft

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Jim replied to Jerry's post19 hours ago
Jerry, are you 3 years old? You haven't got a clue. The Joker is a CHARACTER in a MOVIE. Movies are make-believe. You left wingnuts can't tell the difference between reality and make believe. That's because you lefties have ingested too much LSD and it has damaged too many brain cells.

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Chris wrote18 hours ago
What the hell? Why am I getting attacked in this thread?

Anarchy is a lack of government, the opposite of which would be any form of totalitarian government, be it communism, fascism, whatever. And Mark, there is an entire thread on this board dedicated to discussin whether Obama is a fascist or communist.

By the way, I attend college in Grove City and don't live there. And it is full of people that would agree with this group. In fact, it would be hard to claim that I've been "brainwashed my whole life" since I am the only Democrat in my household and less than 15% of my college claimed to have voted for Obama.

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Jerry replied to Krissa's post13 hours ago
So you think a picture calling for the Presidents head is a good thing?

Thats messed up. I remember that memo about Republican nut jobs a few months ago.... wow... they were right.

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Jerry replied to Jim's post13 hours ago
Jerry, are you 3 years old? You haven't got a clue. The Joker is a CHARACTER in a MOVIE. Movies are make-believe. You left wingnuts can't tell the difference between reality and make believe. That's because you lefties have ingested too much LSD and it has damaged too many brain cells.

Did you see the movie? How would the Joker mark his next victim.

You people are sick and not Americans.

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Jim wrote12 hours ago
Jerry, you are just plain STUPID.

Your reply is proof that you libtards can't tell the difference between reality and a movie. No I didn't see the movie. And even if I did, I can at least tell the difference between a make-believe movie and real life.

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Alex replied to Jim's post11 hours ago
you=dumbest person I have seen utter a sentence this week (or at least close).

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Chris replied to Mark's post11 hours ago
"Chris, the exact opposite of anarchy is fascism. Obama is not a fascist, he's a communist."
Firstly, you all are claiming that Obama wants more government control. The opposite of a lot of government control would be...drumroll please, no government control. And I thought he was a socialist? Do you know the difference between socialism and communism? Apparently not.

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Jim replied to Alex's post11 hours ago
LOL I need that laugh. When I'm called dumb I consider the source. Coming from an idiot that can't tell the difference between a movie and real life.

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Chris replied to Jim's post11 hours ago
He called you dumb because you missed the point. Granted, the point you responded do was kind of silly too.

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Jim replied to Chris's post11 hours ago
Perhaps I missed something. I have just dealt with too many idiots in the past, that I might have missed something this time around. My bad.

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Chris replied to Jim's post11 hours ago
Obviously, the point was to suggest that the picture was a symbolic gesture suggesting that someone should assassinate the president. Everyone is very aware that the joker is not an actual person.

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Chris wrote10 hours ago
Though personally I think it's just a stupid picture edited in photoshop by someone with way too much free time to make him look like a villian, one in popular culture.

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Jim wrote10 hours ago
It is a stupid picture anyway. But it's free speech. And as far as I know, Comrade Obama hasn't appointed a Free Speech Czar yet in order to limit our free speech (although it wouldn't surprise me if he does in the near future).

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Chris replied to Jim's post10 hours ago
I haven't seen Obama do anything that involves free speech at all. I swear to FSM if you say something about the hate crime bill I will scream.

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Don replied to Jerry's post10 hours ago
y hello thar!

You might want to familiarize yourself with copyright law. The group's picture, in fact, falls under Title 17, Section 107 of the U.S. Code which states grounds of fair use <http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html>:
/*Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered fair, such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.*/

Key word: "criticism". Fucked up? Yes. Illegal, nope.

If you disagree, I strongly urge you notify Facebook and, if they don't take action, notify Hollywood so that they can take legal action in the form of a DMCA takedown notice and, if necessary, spawn a court case because of the picture.

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Patrick wrote6 hours ago
So it was OK to do it to GEORGE BUSH how many times exactly??? The reality is starting t sink in and he cant fight it.

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Jim wrote5 hours ago
Really. The Libs have been doing it to Bush for 8 years. They can sure dish it out but they can't take it. Can you say HYPOCRITES?

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Jim wrote5 hours ago
All right. Enough of this already. This whole discussion is about the frealkin' picture! Get over it already! This is my last post in this discussion. I will ignore anybody who responds to this post.

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Patrick wrote5 hours ago
I'm so glad we can all agree that NO President deserves to be respected, ever. I'm archiving all of these discussions for the day a Republican enters the White House, just to make sure we don't deviate from our agreed-upon value system.

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Jaff replied to Jim's post4 hours ago
Yer a pussy! Go cry, you conservative prick!

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Jaff replied to Patrick's post4 hours ago
All Presidents should be respected for not putting Charisma as a dump stat.

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Chris replied to Jim's postabout an hour ago
Sort of like how you ignored the post of the person you responded to.

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Jessica wroteabout an hour ago
Obama loves chaos. The Joker loves Chaos. They both seek destruction and the undermining of the civil society. Read Liberty and Tyranny all you marxists (liberal is not what you are)

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Carrie replied to Jerry's post19 minutes ago
Okay Jerry!!!! you are really making yourself look stupid :). The Dark Knight is just a movie....and you are taking it out of context.

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Carrie replied to Jessica's post18 minutes ago
Diito Jessica!!!!

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Jason wrote8 minutes ago
How many of the left-wing idiots here claiming the pic is "threatening the president" turned a blind eye or even defended this?


President Bush with a gun pointing at his head in a work entitled "Patriot Act" from a Columbia College "art" show.

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Carrie replied to Jim's post7 minutes ago
Hey Jim you are not alone... the people who come on here and make stupid comments like that are just trying to irritate the people who are seriously concerned with where our country is headed, and they really just blabber on and on about a bunch of nothing..They need to do some research before they open their mouths..