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This is good. The libs are wasting money and time on this.

I sense much fear in the enemy...

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THE Democratic Party is panicking, lashing out like a cornered animal, all because its effort to take over the health-care industry is coming apart like so much wet toilet paper. Nancy Pelosi, who will get her own bound volume in the annals of asininity, has outdone herself. When asked by a reporter whether the protests at various town-hall meetings represented legitimate grassroots opposition or were manufactured "Astroturf" stunts, she replied, "I think they're Astroturf. You be the judge. They're carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on health care."

Now this is a pas de trois of dishonesty, slander and idiocy. Not only is Pelosi lying when she says protesters are bringing swastikas to these town halls, not only is she suggesting that American citizens are Nazis for having the effrontery to get in the way of ObamaCare, but she's also saying that the alleged swastikas are obvious proof that these protests are manufactured by slick PR gurus.

(Pas de trois. French term usually referring to a dance in ballet between three people)

How does that work? What public-relations genius says: "OK, we need these protests to seem like an authentic backlash of real Americans. Make sure everyone has enough Nazi paraphernalia!"

Meanwhile, Sen. Barbara Boxer insists the protests have to be fake because the protestors are too "well-dressed." Likewise, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says this is all "manufactured anger" because the protestors -- he calls them the "Brooks Brothers Brigade" -- are too tastefully appointed to be authentic protestors. Apparently only filthy hippies can petition government.

This, of course, doesn't preclude the possibility that the protestors are also Nazis; they were snappy dressers (Hugo Boss made SS uniforms after all). But we'll leave that there.

The White House is asking supporters to submit the names of anyone who forwards e-mail with "fishy" information. "Fishy information" herewith defined as anything that serves as a speed bump for the White House steamroller.



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Democratic Congressman Lashed Out At Democrat Who Dares To Question Him On Health Care (video) Video at the site .

Now they're just lashing out at anyone who dares to question Obamacare. So what if it's one of their own constituents and a Democrat. Rep. David Scott (D-GA) lashed out at a local doctor who asked about his support for the health care reform, assuming he was an imported plant, since that's what his playbook told him to expect.


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Democrat David Scott’s Town Hall Tirade

The scene of a Metro Atlanta town hall meeting quickly deteriorated when Democratic Congressman David Scott (GA-13) suddenly became enraged, and, in a breathtaking display of congressional machismo, began berating constituents.

Scott displayed his temper during a question-and-answer period when David Hill, a local resident and doctor, questioned the congressman over his support of President Barack Obama’s proposed single-payer health care system.

“Why are you voting for a health care plan that is shown not to work in Massachusetts and why are you going to institute that in a nation-wide manner?”

With a look of confusion on his face, the congressman first quietly asked an aide, “Is that the type of bill they got going on?”

Then, reassured by staff that the bill Hill referenced was, in fact, the bill before Congress, Scott proceeded to respond, insomuch as the Congressman’s angry tirade may be called a response.


“These are people who live in the 13th Congressional district, who vote in this district. That’s who I’ve got to respond to, OK. Right, alright.”

Grimacing and sternly brandishing his finger at Dr. Hill, Scott’s anger intensified, as did his rhetoric.

“So what you’ve got to understand, those of you who are here, who have taken and came and hijacked this event we dealing with here, this is not a health care event. You made the choice to come here and take advantage of this meeting that these people in Douglasville worked hard to put together to deal with this road,” Scott said, referencing the relocation of a local highway in Douglassville, GA.

“You chose to come and to do it on your own. Not a single one of you had the decency to call my office and set up for a meeting, OK. Do that. Do that!”

Local Atlanta NBC affiliate WXIA-TV reports that Hill, a verified resident of Georgia’s 13th district, has attempted, on multiple occasions and all in vain, to secure sit-downs with the incensed Congressman, however.

Before yielding the microphone to a staffer, Scott gave an austere warning to Dr. Hill and others present:

“Don’t, don’t come and take advantage of what these individuals have done.

You want a meeting with me on health care, I’ll give it to you. You come on August 24th. On August 28th.”

Scott’s aide told the crowd to pay close attention to the website for details on the health care town hall, but no such details have been made public on the Congressman’s website and emails to the Congressman’s staff have not been returned.

Scott’s veiled suggestion that the concerned doctor was not a “resident of Georgia’s 13th district”—ostensibly rooted in the fact that Hill is white, while Scott represents a district with a large African American population—and the contention that Hill had somehow “hijacked” the town hall is another matter altogether.

As a voter of the neighboring district in Atlanta, Congressman Scott, I must say, white voters like Hill and myself are not out to hijack your health care events, and we are certainly not out to hijack substantive health care reform – for which the same can be said of doctors.

Voters are, however, out to prevent the creation of a single-payer health care system, a system you support, albeit a system you supported only after aides reminded you.


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So the anti-war protesters weren't a mob?

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So the anti-war protesters weren't a mob?

NO! Never mind that they wore masks and rioted and destroyed property . . . . They were never a mob!:rolleyes:

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Where's the PRESS???:rolleyes:

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Pas de trois. French term usually referring to a dance in ballet between three people)

Pas de DEUX, meg. There is no such thing as a pas de trois.

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Pas de DEUX, meg. There is no such thing as a pas de trois.

Erm... yeah there is.


pas de trois
One entry found.

Main Entry: pas de trois
Pronunciation: \-ˈtrwä, -ˈtwä\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural pas de trois \-ˈtrwä(z), -ˈtwä(z)\
Etymology: French, literally, step for three
Date: circa 1762
: a dance or figure for three performers

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*blink blink*

Well..I'll be damned.