View Full Version : Both citizen and government dig in, as the fight for individual freedoms goes on

08-10-2009, 04:16 PM
A few days ago, member "Doctor Zero" over at HotAir (http://hotair.com/archives/2009/08/06/who-we-are/) posted a great missive on the present situation between a growing government and a citizenry screaming for the over-reach to stop, and to be left alone.

Today, member "E Pluribus Unum" over at Redstate (http://www.redstate.com/e_pluribus_unum/2009/08/10/republicans-take-on-capone/) has posted a fresh reminder of how we arrived at where we are today, and what may be in store in the future:


Remember, the Democrats started this fight.

How we got here

A more detailed discussion of the year’s follies and the precipitously dropping polls is here. I’ll just summarize:

*Feb 15 — The Democrats crammed an unwanted, undebated, and unread Porkulus down America’s throat, sold as economic stimulus to jumpstart America’s reeling economy but in fact nothing more than a cash payoff to Democrat groups like ACORN.

*All spring — Naked takeovers (GM, Chrysler, the banking industry). Stories of strong-arm tactics behind closed doors were so rampant even usually loyal leftist media looked askance.

*June 26 — Cap-and-Trade, billed as environmentally responsible but in reality a huge tax hike to punish productivity and control winners and losers forever. The bill squeaked through the House 219-212, and is buried in the Senate, never to be resurrected.

*All summer — Nationalized health care has the Blue Dogs in open revolt as voters have angrily rejected it.

Make sure you read the whole thing when you get the chance...And then spread the word!

Do not disengage from this fight. It is literally for our very lives and freedoms, in terms of care, quality and quantity.