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08-15-2009, 06:18 PM
FirstLight (1000+ posts) Sat Aug-15-09 01:50 PM
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My sister called me yesterday ...their house was sold at auction
Advertisements [?]She has been holding this inside and her kids are in the dark except the 20 yr old...

Her 17 yr old daughter is on a birthday trip to visit a friend, and my sister was in her room with a can of paint and was going to surprise her on return with a remodeled bedroom...
and a knock come at the front door
the guy introduces homself that he bought the house at auction, and would be in touch as to what he was going to do with it.
It's been a week, the bank and such have confirmed the sale
and they are hanging, waiting to see if they will be able to stay and rent, or be on the street in 30 days, or 3...

My BIL is a painting contractor and has been for as long as I have known him. My Sis does retail...well you can imagine the economy's effect on their lives the past 2 years. Meanwhile my niece graduated a year early because she is so freaking smart, and is going to the community college and living at home, my older nephew is 20 and works -marginally- and the youngest nephew is in middle school still. They have lived there for over 10 years and remodeled and made it beautiful. They have 2 dogs, and one just had puppies...they are NORMAL Middle class Americans...who couldn't make their payments and stay afloat...and who couldn't qualify for any "forclosure moratorium" or help that may have been in the stimulus... the requirement for the program was that you had to have a steady job (uh, DUH! they wouldn't be in the problem if they were still working!)

I have been living in a delusion that even though I am taken care of because I qualify for assistance in lots of ways...that there are many who can't and they lose SO much more...

And I have been really believeing that things were going to get better because Obama makes it all sound so good...but ARE things really changing? am I just "lucky" because I am below the poverty line...?
When you have not much to lose...losing (a job, marriage, rental house, etc) doesn't hurt do much...you get used to losing

I am re-evaluating my life in a whole different way, and so sad that the only advice to give my sister was that I had lost so much so many times, having to move or change jobs, etc, that I had to learn to only rely upon "what I can carry" at times...

and I used to think She "had it all together"
and I grieve for the loss of Her American Dream


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No offense FirstLight, but you sound like a FirstClass Whiny Loser.

You definitely belong on the DUmp. :rolleyes:

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Ummm wait a minute... The bank auctioned the house while they were still living in it... AND they didn't know that they were foreclosed upon and the house was up for auction...?

How the F*CK does that happen?

Then the rest of the post... "I am on assistance..."


08-17-2009, 03:13 AM
Tangerine LaBamba (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-16-09 03:42 AM
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33. I am so sorry -
that's an awful story, but how heartbreaking that your sister felt she had to keep their current situation some kind of dark secret. How agonizing for her.

How, I am wondering, did they not know that their house was foreclosed on, up for sale at auction? She was getting ready to paint her daughter's room - but she didn't know they'd lost the house?

Denial? Were they just unable to face the awful reality, so they just kept on going?

This is America. Things like this aren't supposed to happen here in America.....................................

Ahhh one of them did question the story.. I am suprised!