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08-15-2009, 08:22 PM
Greta Talks to a Couple who Filmed ACORN Activists Being Bused in to PA Town Hall Meeting - 8/14/09

Here is video of a Pennsylvania couple talking with Greta Van Susteren who filmed buses of ACORN Activists coming in to attend and leaving a Town Hall Meeting there. The couple said they did the filming because of accusations that conservatives are the ones making organized efforts to bring people to Town Hall Meetings. They said the buses were full of ACORN activists, as well as other union members, who they think were bused in from Pittsburgh.


08-15-2009, 08:36 PM
Nearly 4000(!) Rally Against President's Plan (Ticket Holders Kicked Out of Colorado Town Hall)

Four thousand conservatives crowded into Lincoln Park this morning to protest president Obama's health care plan.

A rally they say is fueled by an opposition to a government hands on approach. They believe a health care reform is needed-- just not what President Obama is bring to the table.

They compared the president's plan to the current health care system of Canada. A health care program that protesters say has led Canadians to the U.S. to seek medical help. And that is why they believe this reform could hurt American's in the long run.

Contrast this crowd number with the state run Associated Press:

Several hundred people wearing red, white and blue gathered Saturday morning at a city park a few hours before Obama was to arrive from Yellowstone National Park and a town hall meeting in Montana.
BTW, The Grand Junction Sentinel reports that dozens of ticket holders were turned away or kicked out due to 'over crowding'. Guess they over stacked the crowd again with Obamunists:

Lynn Lickers, a Daily Sentinel employee, said about 3 p.m. they shut the gates to people waiting to get in the Central High School Auditorium, leaving some ticket holders on the outside, unable to get in. Then, additional people who had gotten through the gates but didn’t have a place to sit were ushered back out through the gates.

Lickers said the group was told by a Mesa County undersheriff that they received a call from White House officials, who said the Central High gymnasium was overbooked, and they shouldn’t let any more people in.

08-15-2009, 08:51 PM
Speaking Out Against The "Mack Daddy"