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08-16-2009, 11:28 PM

madamesilverspurs (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-16-09 02:33 PM
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I still support Obama.
During last year's campaign I did anything I could to help. On the evening of Nov.4th I was among those who whooped and hollered and wept for joy. On January 20th I joined the raucus cheering as we heard him say "...so help me God."

One of the greatest appeals, for me, was his lack of inclination to exercise unilateral authority. As pissy as the Republicans have been thus far, there is ample public and very visible record to demonstrate that they have not been ignored, that they have been invited to participate. Their teeth marks are all over the hand he has repeatedly extended to them. So, yes, sometimes I do wish that he'd just kick them to the nearest curb while loudly reminding them who won the election. Fortunately for all of us he's smarter than I am, and has a heck of a lot more class.

Watching the health care 'discussions' is of particular interest, seeing as how I've relied on disability benefits for almost 20 years. While I was going through extensive rehabilitation I watched the Republicans maul and kill the Clinton efforts at reform, particularly discouraging because I wouldn't be disabled in the first place had there been some kind of assured access to appropriate care. It's not at all surprising that they're restaging that fight. The levels of abject mendacity and the outright racism of their methods are disappointing at best and frightening at worst. It has become increasingly clear that they are seeking to preserve and protect the vulgar greed of the insurance companies that contribute so handsomely to their election coffers.

The Republicans have been stonewalling health care reform for over sixty years, so it's ridiculous when they whine about 'rushing things.' It is the Republicans who have chosen to take a stand against the best interests of the people of this country, deciding to use the issue of health care as a weapon with which they target the legitimate presidency of a Democrat who has the effrontery to be Black.

I do not expect Obama to snap his fingers and magically overcome sixty years of carefully constructed opposition. I do expect him to continue to demonstrate his refreshing proclivity to gather and examine information prior to either speech or action. Is he perfect? Hell no. Is his presidency the best chance we have for overcoming the opposition to what's best for all of us? Hell yes.

Instead of telling us to 'go shopping' he invited us to become involved, to stay involved. In so doing he reversed the eight-year-long insult that was the locked-door maladministration of governance by greed. So, I go to the 'town halls' and other venues where health care is being discussed. There are letters-to-editors to be written, phone calls to be made, signs to be painted. I approach all this with no expectation of perfect legislation being the outcome; after all, humans are involved and we have yet to demonstrate perfection in anything. Our history as a nation (as a species, for that matter) is one of re-writing the script when the scene didn't play out the way we thought it should. We live, we learn, we grow. I do expect legislation that begins the journey toward full best coverage for all of us.

And I remain thankful for this particular President, without whom we would not even be having the discussion.

imamugu (1 posts) Sun Aug-16-09 03:23 PM
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6. Obama's health care
I have always been a Democrat but now I am beginning to wonder what has happened to the party.
This health care plan is more about controlling the people than health care, and this is not the government I, or a majority of Americans want.

I think it is hurting the party and the next election will really tell us what the voters think about all this. I have a feeling that the Republicans will be back in control the next time around.

The American people are really not ready for a socialist type government.

I for one will have to say that I have voters remorse. Obama has not done what he said he was going to do and we are all going to be paying higher taxes to help pay for his plan.

FrenchieCat (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-16-09 03:55 PM
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8. I for one will say that you are on the wrong board....
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and the sentence that gave you away was...." This health care plan is more about controlling the people than health care, and this is not the government I, or a majority of Americans want.....

The American people are really not ready for a socialist type government."

So far as I'm concerned, you are talking a bunch of shit and belong elsewhere...now Freeper!
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