View Full Version : Exposing the Most Touted Lie in the Health Care Debate

08-16-2009, 11:37 PM
What is the largest lie being spread around during the current health care debate? Is it that death panels will be in the legislation?

Nope, the United States Senate confirmed them by removing that language from the Senate version (it still remains in the House version).

Is it that socialist health care is dreadful for the people, in terms of economic & personal survival?

Nope, as proven by the hundreds of thousands of foreigners (mostly from Canada, and the Italian Prime Minister) who flock away from socialized medicine, and come to the United States Capitalistic health care system every year.

In fact, none of the above mentioned is a lie, as the White House and idiotic Congressional Democrats attempt to prove otherwise, which is impossible, and which is why they are losing the health care debate.

The largest lie comes from the liberal spectrum of American politics, as hundreds of left of center nonsense stream blogs have touted the lie that 20,000 Americans die a year because of rationing, this lie has grown to the lie that insurance companies have denied coverage for 20,000 Americans a year, because of lust of profits.....which makes no sense because more profits come when the patients remain alive longer.

How about we expose the lie, and actually showcase the truth for once.

The claim is that 20,000 Americans die a year because they have no insurance, or because they are under-insured (NOTE : I wonder what it will be like when the federal government runs it, and resources are cut down to the bare minimum), because they did not have the money to go visit the doctor, and never learned about the danger that awaited them.

1.Please define what under-insured is? Because if you can afford insurance, and you are under-insured (whatever the hell that means), you should be able to afford a 100 dollar doctor visit.

2.Considering the ultra poor have insurance already (through government run programs), these people have to be in between the government & private health care income range, and I am in that mold, if I needed to do a yearly or twice a year appointment to check up on my medical status, I could. But, I never do, because I don't want to.

Are these people rationed? No.

Who is to say that if they had the best health coverage in the world, they would then visit the doctor?

Perhaps, they never visit the doctor on regular appointments, except when they are sick. A lot of people do that, including myself, and even when I am sick, I usually sleep & have chicken noodle soup, that would never change, health care insurance or not. What is the point of wasting time to hear what I have, when I already know I have the flu.

Rationed? No. Under-insured? No. Lazy? Appears to be.

I wonder how many people die a year, who have private health care insurance, and never visit the doctor on regular appointments.

Then again, liberals would attempt to promote that as under-insured, when it is just laziness on the part of the patient.

Authors note : I admit, I am lazy when it comes to medical checkups, but it has nothing to do with costs, or medical insurance, or some other idiotic liberal lie. Want to lower the health insurance costs?

1.TORT Reform.

2.Get rid of all of the idiotic requirements for insurance companies to insure,
such as hair transplants.

3.Allow Americans in any state to select their health insurance from any state.

4.Get the Government the hell out,
let the Private sector run it without government involvement.