View Full Version : The Obama Warning Signs are Flashing with Strobe-Light Urgency

07-12-2008, 01:56 PM
Today we know less about Barack Obama than we thought we did six months ago. The presumed body of knowledge about Obama is being challenged and it is appearing to be an enormous deception. What is so alarming is the breadth of the deception, and the apparent unwillingness of the press to expse it.

Let's start off with Obama's health records. Our local press dutifully declared in a headline "Obama Fit as a Fiddle". They made scant mention of the fact that this finding was based only a review of Obama's medical history, not a a comprehensive set of records made public, as with John McCain. McCain had everything to lose by exposing his records--major wartime injuries, cancer and cander treatment, and volumes of other health issues. Why would a young, seeming healthy man want to conceal his health issues from the public? What is lurking there--drug rehab, STDs, chronic illnesses?

Then there's the birth certificate. Many Freepers dismiss this as a minor issue, but we do know it is a forgery, and a bad one at that. Why? What is he hiding? For what possible reason would a presidential candidate stand by a fraudulent birth certificate on an official web site?

Then there's the Obama camp's refusal to release names of clients that Obama worked with when he was in a law firm. In fact, there is a question of his entire legal certification and what actual legal work he did that remains unanswered. Why?

Perhaps most alarming, though, is his association with Tony Rezko. I have yet to see the press report the fact that Rezko has dual American and Syrian citizenship and regularly shuttled between Chicago and Damascas before he went to jail. How is it that a self-described "tough on terrorism" presidential candidate maintained a long-term relationship with a citizen of a country that was on our State Department's Terror Watch List?

Then there's the seeming desire of Obama to seemingly reject anything traditional and patriotic, whether it is covering your heart with the pledge of allegence or respecting the presidential seal.

These are but a few important questions that we need answered. Forget all the Obama statements that were contradicted by what he wrote in his books and the daily hypocrisy on policy issues.

These are warning signs that are flashing with increasing urgency, and yet our press ignores them with increasing disregard. When will the press ask the simple question that will lead to a thousand follow-ups: "BARACK OBAMA, WHO ARE YOU?"