View Full Version : Backlash grows on Obama’s health reform (60 House Dems Bail on 0)

08-18-2009, 11:10 PM
The Obama administration was on Tuesday scrambling to contain a growing backlash from liberal Democrats that could prove fatal to his hopes of pushing through healthcare reform.

In a letter to Kathleen Sibelius, the secretary for health and human services, 60 Democratic lawmakers in the House of Representatives warned that they would vote against healthcare reform if it excluded a public insurance option that would provide a state-run alternative to private insurance plans for low-income people. That would leave Mr Obama needing 22 Republican votes in the lower chamber – a very tall order.

“Americans deserve reform that is real – not smoke and mirrors,” said the letter. “To take the public option off the table would be a grave error; passage in the House of Representatives depends upon inclusion of it.”

The letter, which crystallises what appears to be an unbridgeable divide between conservative “blue dog” and “progressive” Democrats, follows a series of recent White House hints that it would be prepared to junk the public option in order to get an overall bill passed.

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08-19-2009, 12:36 AM
The question is;

Do they vote with the zerO, or keep their seat? :confused: :D