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07-12-2008, 04:30 PM
Democrats Do Not Want Lower Gas Prices

There is no doubt that the hottest topic of conversation today is the energy crisis. Get two complete strangers together for two minutes and the topic will turn to the price of gas or how to solve the energy crisis. Like underwear everyone has an opinion. One of the things you very seldom hear is the comment that I'm happy or satisfied with the current price of gas. I'm satisfied that America has no comprehensive energy plan.

I even hear left wing bloggers throwing out their ideas on how to lower the price of gas or railing at the evil energy companies for making gas so expensive. This I find curious as in their next breath, they start telling us how the Democrats and Barack Obama are going to snap their fingers and we will return to the la la land of affordable energy. I'm confused?

Either these Democrats are in denial or just not paying attention to the Messiah. To be very clear, Barack Obama is on record stating that he does not believe the price of gas it too high. The Democrat party leadership is clearly telling us that although they may be surprised the price of gas went up so fast, they see nothing wrong with current energy prices and have not intention of taking steps to reduce the price of energy. What is so hard to understand here? Much like the Islamic Terrorist, the Democrats are telling us their plan. The Democrat party is ON RECORD favoring higher energy prices. Granted it is not the most politically appropriate time for honesty or having this discussion, but they own this monkey.

God Bless America


Energy bill out of gas

House Democrats are in a bind on the focal point of their energy plan.

Worried that a floor vote on any energy-related measure would trigger a Republican-forced vote on domestic drilling, the leadership has scrubbed the floor schedule of the energy legislation that it vowed to tackle after the Fourth of July recess.
Republicans pounced, saying Democrats were backtracking after realizing they would be unable to defeat a Republican vote on increased domestic oil drilling in new areas.

“It’s panic time for Democrats,” said a senior Republican aide. “They are on the wrong side of three-quarters of the American people who support increased production of American-made energy.”
“If we could send deepwater drilling over, it would pass the Senate,” said a Republican leadership aide, highlighting just how much an energy vote could backfire on Democrats.

A senior Democratic leadership aide acknowledged this week that there are plenty of members of the majority caucus “who want to drill and want to drill where Republicans want to drill.”
Further complicating matters for Democrats is the growing number of pro-drilling Democrats who are becoming increasingly worried that voters might throw them in with their anti-drilling leadership.

One pro-drilling Democrat predicted that the backlash against Congress for gas prices could rival the outrage voters felt about the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal.

The Democrats are clearly on the wrong side of this issue and are at odds with 2/3 of the American people. Now if the Republicans could articulate a straight forward comprehensive energy plan to lower the price of energy while booking a long term strategy they would probably take back Congress. The key word here is IF.

Never underestimate the ability of Republicans to snatch defeat from the jaws of of what should be a victory.

Another, Rep. Charlie Melancon (D-La.), is frustrated at not being listened to.

“My concern with my leadership is that they’re not letting all the people in the room to present the facts,” said Melancon, a proponent of more offshore drilling. “Where are all the pro-oil legislators? I’m not in the room. I don’t know who is. My feeling is we are not being all-inclusive to pass legislation that can get through the Senate and avoid a veto.”

For now, though, there will be no legislation to pass, as the only energy-related action this week will occur at the committee level.

If there was any doubt that Democrats would do ANYTHING to stop further oil drilling, this latest action by Pelosi puts it to rest. Democrats have stood in the way of increasing oil supplies for decades.

Never underestimate the ability of Republicans to snatch defeat from the jaws of of what should be a victory.

God Bless America