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08-20-2009, 02:19 PM
Student from Amherst, Massachusetts 2009-08-19 03:05:43

I Am Sorry I Voted For Obama The link to this site is going around my friends' Facebook pages. I am here to apologize for casting a false vote last November.

I represent the many thousands of college students who were promised a day's pay plus free meals to get on a bus and head to New Hampshire to vote. In both the Primary AND General elections. We students did not live in New Hampshire, nor were we eligible to vote in New Hampshire.

But New Hampshire voting law has a loophole which the DNC exploits to no end: the New Voter Affidavit.

On voting day, if a "new" voter needs to register, they may do so without any documentation to prove where they live, as long as they "swear" on a personal affidavit that what they just told the registration clerk is true.

This happened for many thousands of people just like me, who were enamored of Barack Obama, and only wanted to help him help the people of this country.

We had stars in our eyes, to be sure. Now we have pains in our guts.

To make this all the more heinous, bus loads of "affidavit swearers" were bused from one voting location to another. All day long, where we repeated the same "new voter" registration/affidavit-swearing crap, ad nauseum.

We even laughed as we traded identities, knowing that the clerks would never get together in time to compare "new voter" lists. Nashua, Salem, Manchester, Portsmouth, Concord... the busloads of paid "new voters" hit every large city in the southern portion of NH.

To this day, nothing has been done to fix this loophole in New Hampshire's voting laws. I wonder how many other states have loopholes like this?