View Full Version : Vacationing President's TFR Rankles Vineyard Pilots

08-20-2009, 02:44 PM
(Barry shuts-down Capes's airports)

"I wonder how many F-!5's,F-16's are flying Aircap over the Cape ,an AWAC?"

The last time a sitting president vacationed on Martha's Vineyard was during the pre-9/11 Clinton years, so when plans were laid for next week's visit by the Obama family, the extent of the flight restrictions was a bit shocking to local pilots.

"This is the most restrictive TFR we've seen," said James Coyne, the president of the National Air Transportation Association, who has a home on the Vineyard. "I can't think of any example of such severe restrictions.

It's far, far more draconian than under Clinton," he told the Vineyard Gazette. The TFR extends for 30 nm for eight days, affecting seven local airports, which are in the midst of the busy tourist season.

GA pilots who want to land at the main Vineyard airport (KMVY), which is within a 10-nm inner ring, must apply for a waiver 72 hours in advance and stop at one of several specified "gateway" airports for inspection first.

"It's really unfortunate ... we'd hoped for some relief for the Katama tours," said Coyne, referring to the popular grass field on the island, which offers biplane and glider rides.

Since Katama is inside the 10-nm ring and there is no TSA screening facility there, the field will effectively be shut down.