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08-20-2009, 04:04 PM
This is the meeting was held last night. It was not a town hall even though it was passed off as one.

She stated when she came in that she didn't know we would all be there, (get a clue Shelley), but, she had printed pieces of paper to give us for a telephone town hall. What a crock.
Raw Video Shelley Berkley Fake Town Hall Accepts Challenge to hold real town hall
The room held 79 people and only 3 or 4 people who were opposed to Health Care got in.

In the meeting, as reported to us, she stated she is voting for the Health Care Bill.

Probably 60 or 75 people there to oppose health care.

The Dems had protestors there, probably about 25 to 30 people supporting health care and immigration reform. They all had nicely manufactured signs and their usual megaphone.

The one thing that I left with that was very uplifting was that I met 6 former Democrats who have RECENTLY left the Democrat party as they are fed up with all that Obama is doing to this country. People are finally waking up and boy were they vocal. Got to love it.