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08-20-2009, 05:20 PM
Does Gardening Make for Better Sex?
Makenna Goodman - Chelsea Green Publishing
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June 27, 2009

The skeptical reader will probably go, say what? But I believe gardening is a good model to go off of - in terms of getting off.


Perhaps those who garden are the same people who are interested in stripping sex down to its purest elements, much like their approach to the sensuality that lies in the dirt. So I'm not saying that doing it in the garden makes sex better (though it might). I'm not even really talking about sex while gardening at all. In fact, most farmers and gardeners are incredibly task-oriented and focused on their goals of the day, and people who simply frolic and get freaky probably don't get much gardening done, at all. What I'm talking about is sex before gardening. Sex after gardening. Sex, if you will, in the context of gardening. Sex (at its best?) can be just like a winesap apple pie, or a nude swim, or a fresh carrot from the garden - pure, natural, sensual.

If this is true, then one must ask: what constitutes good sex? I, for one, don't know much about sex except that I like it. I do know that it's certainly different strokes for different folks (and you can take that literally). Some people like it kinky, with strangers. Some people prefer it to be like ships passing in the night, with no talking, no looking. Some pay for it, and are fine with that - I just read, for example, an article about a mail-order bride, which is fine, and not really what I'm talking about. While I'm all for the freedom of experimenting with craigslist sex, the sex I'm thinking about in this case is a union of two thinking, feeling beings, a type of sex that's a merging of people (two, three, four, however many it takes), that's not abusive, completely respectful, safely raucous and yeah, raunchy. Hot sex, in other words, between people who care about one another...and the land they're rolling around on.

By way of research, I questioned my coworkers and fellow sexually active friends. I consider it a varied population, as some are married with children, some are long-term dating, some new to the world of gardening itself, some recently betrothed and thus committing to a lifetime of sex and gardening, and some who don't like gardening and don't do it at all. One man felt strongly about the question, when I posed it to him via Skype. He said:

Who cares if gardening improves your sex life? Gardening is a good alternative to sex. It's invigorating. It's inspiring. It's fun and bonding to do with your partner. It helps you live longer and healthier. In other words, gardening and sex are nearly identical, except that one you do in front of your neighbors and the other not so often. When my anonymous wife and I have a good day of gardening, we are more likely to have good sex that night. When we have a bad day of gardening–for example, she correctly points out that I'm doing something stupid and wrong–we are less likely to have good sex that night. But I can also anonymously and seriously say that a good day in the garden does improve my mood in general and thus my libido and romantic inclination. But that's just because gardening is what makes me happy. If I liked mountain biking and didn't like gardening, I don't think gardening would do it for me.


My artist friend, on the other hand, is not a gardener, and he has a different take. To him, "Sex is better when you're happy. And these people are probably happier if they're gardening. I, for one, draw, which I think makes my sex better. Anything fulfilling one does in life will do that, I think." I feel like getting fulfilled... right now...

What say you?

Well, of course it does. What a silly question.

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08-20-2009, 06:11 PM
Well, it's 'ok' to have sex in the garden, assuming you don't have ants in there.

08-20-2009, 07:35 PM
Come on, hoe.

Now, where did I leave my hoe?!

I'll use my rake on that hoe.

etc., etc....