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08-21-2009, 02:04 PM
Wondering what to do with yourself now that summer is winding down and the kids are back in school? Wonder no more:

Extortionist Claims "Dr. Phil" Episode Sparked Sex-Slave Scam Plan

The Hartford Courant

11:39 a.m. EDT, August 20, 2009
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GREENWICH - A extortion plot that targeted a Greenwich millionaire's secret online world in which women were his sex slaves was hatched after an Ohio couple watched an episode of " Dr. Phil," the Greenwich Time reported.

Christopher Jessop, 30, and his wife Dawn Jessop managed to take more than $200,000 from requirements investor Stephen Dent, 54, the Greenwich Time reported. The Jessops were arrested in March and Christopher Jessop is serving 18 months in prison, while Dawn Jessop received a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to first degree larceny charges in May.

Christopher Jessop told police he came up with the scheme after watching an episode of "Dr. Phil" that featured a segment on a sugar daddy dating site called seekingarrangement.com, the Greenwich Time reported. Jessop said he suggested to his wife that she check out the site, and shortly thereafter, rich men were sending her money to chat online.

That is how they met Dent, who police say viewed the women he met on line as his sex slaves and imposed on them to do things such as get breast implants, visit fetish websites and send sexually explicit e-mails and pictures, the newspaper reported. Dent had been the victim of an extortion attempt in 2007 when Roy Sipel threatened to expose Dent for engaging in "vile and vulgar" acts with his girlfriend in a Greenwich hotel, police said.

Dawn Jessop told police that once she began chatting with Dent, he sent her an e-mail detailing his demands and offering to send $10,000 a month if she complied, the Greenwich Time reported. The arrangement lasted from November 2008 to February 2009. The Jessops told police they always sent pictures of other people, and often Christopher Jessop would engage Dent in the more sexually explicit conversations.

Police said the arrangement went sour when Dawn Jessop failed to meet Dent in person and Dent cut her off financially, leading Christopher Jessop to threaten him, the newspaper reported. Dent sent the Jessops, who deny trying to blackmail other men they met online, another $100,000 in hush money and agreed not to call police in exchange for the Jessops deleting everything from their computer related to him.

Police said Christopher Jessop decided to take things a step further after realizing he had one more damaging e-mail, leading him and his wife to drive to Greenwich to confront Dent, the Greenwich Time reported. By that time, however, the FBI and Greenwich police had noticed Dent was transferring large amounts of money and had inquired what was going on.

Dent wore a wire during the meeting with Christopher Jessop and police arrested the Jessops at an area hotel in March.

Also arrested was Patricia Miller, 45, of Michigan, who allegedly served as the head slave who would help Dent ensure the women he met online were real and would hold up their end of the arrangement, the newspaper reported. Police said Miller was posing as four different younger women in an attempt to deceive Dent and later extort him herself.

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