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08-30-2009, 11:36 PM
Hey lurking Wingers...yeah YOU! (http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389x6427663)

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Hey lurking Wingers...yeah YOU!

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If you're gonna post crap from Freep or the unmentionable site, do it in context of DU...that way you won't get tombstoned that fast; for instance:

DON'T post a list of what you and other wingers think about Obama
DO post a thoughtful analysis of the misrepresentations of Wingers and how you, as an unrepentant liberal, take umbrage at those statements.

DON'T post an e-mail your BIL, SIL, MIL, or Redneck cousin sent you verbatim.

DO let us know that these e-mails have 'graced' your inbox, but you'd never repost the contents because it's antithetical to DU's guiding principles.

With me so far? good...

One last thought:

DON'T post misusing the word 'Democrat', or the word 'looser' to describe one who has not been stellar in your very humble opinion, or attempt to use the name of a great Democrat in the subject Line as an attempt to throw us off, e.g. "Teddy Kennedy failed in his attempt to etc."

we're smarter than that and there's no point trying to gain trust just to lose it immediately: wait 4-6 months so a few folks can come forward and post statements such as "I read xxxxx's posts all the time and (s)he's no troll."


That's a better plan for you ...and for us...that way we don't have to keep pressing the 'Alert' button every 3 minutes...my best-in-the-world health insurance plan may not pay for the carpal-tunnel surgery.

Come on over and let's debate. :D

edit to add;

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Come on over, where we can debate without a ban-hammer.

Hive mentality chickenshit.